Bill Cosby's Numerous Sex Abuse Allegations
Who woulda thought:

Bill Cosby's pimp hand is strong! Tongue
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Two words: BITCHES LIE.

Remember his supposed daughter? When you're rich like that hoes come out of the woodwork to get that paper. If the last bitch really was "assaulted", why didn't she demand her day in court to expose him? Why take his cash settlment in secret, then slink away into the darkness?

This bitch seen how easy it was and wants her check.
White Girl Connoisseur

Dude is a painkiller addict. Rush is pathetic. His opinions don't matter. Fuck him and his fanbase and fuck Cosby old jello pudding ass too.
Doesn't surprise me, as has been said before Comedians tend to have the darkest secrets.
No , I think he raped the Hilton sisters before they were born.
While I think there are a number of opportunists seeing a chance to grab their 15 minutes of fame and put some cash in their pockets with this scandal, Bill has definitely proven that he had a history of stepping out on his wife back in the day. If he did rape any of these women, this is karma slapping back in the face hard.

What is sad about it is reading the various comments by the racists who are just dying for any excuse that they can find to prove black men are sexual predators. The comment sections are filled with dudes spouting crap about protecting white women and the frequency of how often black men rape women. Funny how they don't mention the stats for date or spousal rape which they lead in.

They also conveniently forget about guys like Bob Hewitt who used his fame to repeatedly rape his still teenage tennis students, how the tennis association covered it up and knowingly let him go on raping his students for several more years.

Sad to see Bill go out like this near the end of his life. That said if he is guilty of even one rape, then he deserves everything he gets. I just hate that fact that it will be yet another talking point racist will use to prove their point.
He thought all these bitches wanted his pudding pop
Looks like Bill Cosby has done more white chicks than Sean Michaels
IRBonanza Wrote:LOL, same story from all of them : "He popped a pill in my drink and next thing I know, he's on top of me or I wake up naked in his bed" They will remain mere accusations without DNA evidence.

Wonder if Bill remembers the name of the pill :? :lol: :lol: :lol:

IR, I just have to ask, would you be saying this if Cosby was white?
when in the history of this country has a white woman ever said she was raped or sexually assaulted by a black man and she was too afraid to speak up because she thought NO ONE would believe her and NOTHING would happen?...1965?? in 1969?? in 1977?? in 1982?? these are the years when WHITE WOMEN said cosby forced and drugged and intimidated them into sex acts.

Kobe Bryant (AT THE HEIGHT OF HIS CAREER AND NICE GUY IMAGE) had sex with one white chick who was a fucking hotel desk clerk who cried rape and the world descended on him without hesitation...bill cosby's allegedly been raping white chicks over the last 50 years and been getting pass after pass??? Something isn't adding up to me.

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