Why Lame-stream Music Sucks Today
BAKED Wrote:Here is my take on the problem of modern American society , including music today.

America of the past up until maybe the year 1999, was a reflection of our culture as Americans. The media , was influenced on how they viewed what was happening. They saw what was happening in pop culture and adapted it. Back then, we (normal up and comers) created what we saw on the media. If a person took what was happening in their community, how they felt, and or country and creatively adapt it to music it would a hit. It didn't matter what genre of music you listened too , most bands and musical groups were different. That is why those times were exciting, because it showed that anyone could make it if they had talent and drive, regardless of what you had to offer. Notice back then studios used to look for talent far more than what they do now. Now they create the talent to appeal to a certain demographic.

Now the media influences everything about America. Everything music, the way we talk, the way we act , music and more. This relates to music the same way it relates to everything else. Everything is the same. The bar has been lowered so low that, music and everything else looks and sounds the same. This is why there hasn't been any one or anything "big" in music within the last 14 years. All the pop stars are all pre Madonnas that have no real talent. All the rappers that are popular are all stereotypical and bring nothing new to the table. Most rock bands are hipsters and tweens.

As someone who was born in 1984 and pretty much grew up in the 90s ( the last great decade), it was a time of individuality and new ideas. That individuality reflected itself in pretty much everything. Few things were alike back then. That is why it was no better time to get alive. Not to mention we weren't driven , by fear and trying now things.

They don't call it TV programming for nothing.

Great insight, though for someone who is 20 years older than you, I would say our last great decade was the 70's.
This scene from the 1991 film, 'The Adventures of Ford Fairlane' tells you everything you need to know about the music industry!

No new genres being created that aren't some cheap cutup job of what has come before.\
20 Country Blues and Ragtime
30s Jazz and Big band
40s early rock n roll and swing
50s Golden age of Rock n roll, free jazz, early RnB
60s British Invasion Rock, Motown, Psychedelic and Folk Rock
70s Peak era of Classic Rock, Acid Rock, Funk era, Disco, Punk, Jackson 5
80s Birth of Rap, Hip Hop, Metal peaks, New Wave and Electronica, MJ rules the world
90s Alt Rock, Birth of Gangsta Rap, Singer Songwriter Revival, Country Fusion, NuMetal/RapRock,
00s More 90s
10s More 00s

See a pattern? All the great generations were in the 1920s-1960/70s After that besides Rap there has been nothing new. All of the music of the last 20-30 years has been done before. All we have now is derivative crap. Since the 80s we literally have no new music forms. Once could argue since the 60s we have no new musical forms because synthesizers were already being used at the end of that decade. Ra/electronica/X-Step is just a natural continuation of RnB. The pussy singer-songrwriter campfire rock is just a 60s revival.

Whoever invents the next truly new musical form is going to become the richest artist alive. Problem is what new sounds/structures are there? I think Blues/folk based musical forms have been pushed as far as they will go.
Because talent isn't needed anymore.
To me it's also the bootlegging. It made labels panic and forced artists into following trends and formulas to ensure profit. They're scared to take chances.
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Just watch this. Its just one specific thing about the whole root cause

Competition. Top of the charts. As time passes we have more evidence of what worked in the past, including all the cheap methods to do that - it started even by some artists trying thenselves to make a hit, but just got worse as producers became so big; Before they had to find talented musicians and risk/try what would work or not- now they know how the build sucesses, so its all inverted- you find a pretty face and make it into a star.

Its 'pop' mainly but affects other areas. Money wise theres no reason to risk when you can play with psychological effects such as familiarity, repetition, and all the little proven-to-be-catchy sound effects (theres plenty of then). Also marketing got way harder and more expensive- if in the past studios and labels had crashed under a bad released, nowadays that risk would be higher if they did things the old way.

And theres also the volume thing, the volume battle. It started growing bad in radio but came full force with streaming- basically theres so many songs out there its hard to stand out, and a easy way is being louder. Any music can be made louder by remixing its wavelenght, raising its db in such; A side effect of that is the entire song becomes more flatened out, since the effect is reached by heightening the lower sounds (and lowering the highs)- smaller variety across the song.
If you get a music without that and does it via mixer some instruments sound different, some more flat- and heck there may even be sounds disappearing altogether. You can't hear all the details and length of someone striking a single chord on a guitar. Thats why hearing a old vinyl and a new song sound like light and day- even if you hear the mp3 version of the vinyl song.

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