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I think it's a site they are still building with a few scenes done. It's clear they have very long way to go to be even near, but competition is always GOOD for us consumers. At least this site is featuring performers not yet have, like the very hot Alice Green!
People really got tricked by this site already? I posted all the scenes in one of the first few posts in this thread, which totals 9 (I'm guessing only 5 are out right now?). Those are all the scenes of the pics that are on the pages I saw. You can also get a free trial, $1 for 2 days I believe. Now me personally, I don't think it's worth it just yet to subscribe as that isn't very much content. I'm merely just relaying information here so that everyone knows what they're in for. One good thing I will say about the site so far, they haven't been overusing any one black male talent like BLACKED did at first (Prince). It's not much, but I will give them that.
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Out of curiosity how can sites like this and pop up when piracy is destroying
the porn business or so I'am told.
Things that scream fake to me are the blatant photoshopping.

Is it fair to single them out though, given that RealityKings and TeamSkeet both use this tactic as well as countless other legit sites?

It would be unfair to say this is the first much less only site that shops their public pics.

I don't like it, but I can sort of give it a semi-pass.

But also fake are the "view" counts. I see they have view counters under their scenes in the 100k range. Dubious. I think they just fake these numbers to hype it up more.

I don't see why they have to do it this way.

Blacked puts out 10 minute promos on PornHub and they generate about 1 million views per preview.
Those are legit counts, generating legit hype, from real viewers who post honest impressions.

I hope this new site is legit, and for what it is worth, it does appear they have some good original scenes with top talent.

I just hope they can scale back the phony hype, and legitimize their content presentation.

I would only consider a trial at this point.
What's most bothersome to me now is, after watching the first preview of that Keisha scene, the content actually looks dope!

I'm feeling this Keisha scene. Her passed out moms rolls off the couch, lmao, then Keisha just fucks her step dad.

Seems more like they are a balance in between Blacked and Monsters of Cock. Less serious than Blacked, but a bit more polished than Monsters.

IMO it's a very good blend.

I do not like how they try to present a few scenes on the surface and pass them off as more than they currently have though. That's going to piss people off for sure.

I hope they can avoid these foibles and build on their strengths, because I see potential.
^ I was thinking the same thing with the "blend" aspect. They aren't quite BLACKED or MoC, but somewhere in between. And yeah, they are clearly exaggerating with the amount of scenes they have, but a little investigating goes a long way. If you click on all the little pictures, it brings you to the membership sign up screen which clearly lists the name of the girl in the pic in the address bar. Doing this for all the pics on the first and second page brings you to the list of 9 girls/scenes I posted up. The 120 pages of updates is also false and you will find after the second page, they are all basically copies of that with no actual new pics. Bottom line, they didn't try very hard to mask anything to the trained eye and believe in me, if I'm thinking about purchasing a membership to one of these sites, I'm going to make damn sure I do my research first.
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Team skeet shoots solid porn with a lot of hot talent so them moving into the ir market is good. I would like to see what the navigation on the site is like but if they add more updates similar to what they have I will definitely join.
the formula is simple. hot new girls taking bbc 1 on 1. A mixture of ir vets and newbies for threesomes. create a twitter page for the site so people can follow. please update the site more than once a week.
the site is not a scam. it is a brand new legit site from teamskeet.
Go to to see 12 photos of each scene. There are only 7 scenes listed on .net.

This is a legit site. Team Skeet has very good production values. They have 20 other sites under their umbrella. Plus, close access to some fine, young, and fresh white teens. TLBC looks like a good launch.

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