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^ Good find. The Alice Green and Jay Taylor scenes aren't listed on there yet, so perhaps they haven't officially come out yet or they just haven't updated. Either way, everything looks legit and for some reason I completely glossed over this post on the first page. Really don't know how I missed it.

TLBC Wrote:Hey guys!!!

Thank you for this thread and the welcome.

Awesome to meet you guys digitally. My name is A, I run Teamskeet and our newest site - Great to see a community that really loves and appreciates Interracial scenes..... We are very proud and excited to bring you this site.

We welcome any suggestions / comments / advice / hate / love etc so bring it on. Our goal is to bring you the Best teen interracial site.

Its late Friday and we are leaving the office - feel free to chime in - Looking fwd to being part of this forum!

Have a great weekend

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Great we have now participation of the creators of this site. This reinforces the importance of ir-tube community for IR ;-)
Anyone have an idea who the big titty girl is 4th row down 3rd from the right, "is that gonna fit in me?"
^ That's the fresh faced Elektra Rose. Scene is with Jovan Jordan. She's got a pair of the nicest natural titties around, that's for sure.
[Image: 7p10mnlqnzhmwpza.gif]
That photoshopped pics on the site are hilarious.
Yeah creators of TLBBC don't Photoshop and making ridiculous pix. Watch closely site (high quality girls, video, settings, website) but don't copy them and make your own style.
Please stop making the dicks look like anime tentacle monsters. And make it easier to navigate, you have scenes in single digits but have 150+ pages, scale down to what you really have.
^ now we can all rejoice since mr. god has made his feelings known. lets just give this site some time and see where it goes.
Is there any scene previews?

IRBonanza Wrote:
jay dee Wrote:Team skeet shoots solid porn with a lot of hot talent so them moving into the ir market is good..

Truth is they have been reluctant to dip their toes in the IR market for a long time. Teamskeet posted a link to a rare IR scene on their Twitter last year and I asked why they don't shoot much IR. They answer was 'We only shoot what our members request and that IR is rarely ever requested'. Bullshit if you ask me. :roll:

That TLBC site is a totally bullshit scam site. I cant believe some of you negros are blind, thirsty and gullible to believe that fake crap. What they are doing is treating the the IR genre like a freak show if their webpage is anything to go by. Why the fuck couldn't they shoot and update IR normally like they do with their other vanilla scenes? :? Because they don't think much of the genre.

And please, don't mention that crap site and in the same breath. That's an even bigger insult to us genuine IR fans..Idea
Will see. They just started, can improve over time.
^ ... er_med.mp4
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