New site
Just read in another thread the brand new site has come online, so like deserves a thread for it's own. Big Grin
Browsing it now, the site looks very promising. Good find.
[Image: 7p10mnlqnzhmwpza.gif]
I don't know, they really need to photoshop dicks into anacondas? Its really in bad taste, maybe they'll retcon it after complaints.
^ I doubt that will change as many big sites do the same thing like Bang Bros for instance.
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Photoshopping dicks is a nono for me. If they want to come close to they have to have some style. Would be nice if the creators of the site would be participating in the forum like does (sometimes)
Looks good! Thanks!
Just off a quick glance, these appear to be the scenes they have up so far:

Alice Green + Isiah Maxwell
Elektra Rose + Jovan Jordan
Jay Taylor + Rob Piper
Kasey Warner + Flash Brown
Keisha Grey + Jovan Jordan
Kendall (Alison Faye) + Nat Turnher
Madelyn Monroe + Flash Brown
Miley May + Moe Johnson
Yhivi + Jovan Jordan
[Image: 7p10mnlqnzhmwpza.gif]
Wasn't Flash Brown exclusive for ? Will there be a battle now between sites for their stable of black performers ? :lol:

I think more black guys should enter porn now. They are in demand!
^ I'm not sure when he signed that contract exactly and when he shot all these scenes, but he's been featured on quite a few sites including Arch Angel and Jules Jordan as well. I also don't know how that contract works, is it just exclusive to BLACKED? Or is it something else? Like he can work for other sites, but has to do a certain amount of scenes for BLACKED? I don't know. It does seem that other sites are trying to feed off of BLACKED's success with using some of the same talents as them. Or it could just be a coincidence.

As far as more brothers entering porn is concerned, it's not as simple as just filling out an application form and getting a callback. There are a lot of boxes that need to be ticked in order for a black male to not only get into the game, but be moderately successful. Are you big enough? Are you dark enough? Are you attractive enough? Can you not only maintain an erection for long periods of time, but also with a lot of people watching? Can you do this consistently on a day to day basis? Week to week? Month to month? Year to year? Are you willing to sacrifice all legitimate non-porn job opportunities in the future? Are you willing to do the sex acts that will be asked of you (I know plenty of dudes, especially my fellow brothas who consider anal, DP, etc gay)? There's just so many perimeters that need to be met in order for new black male talents to break through that I'm not surprised at all that the pool is so limited.
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Hey guys!!!

Thank you for this thread and the welcome.

Awesome to meet you guys digitally. My name is A, I run Teamskeet and our newest site - Great to see a community that really loves and appreciates Interracial scenes..... We are very proud and excited to bring you this site.

We welcome any suggestions / comments / advice / hate / love etc so bring it on. Our goal is to bring you the Best teen interracial site.

Its late Friday and we are leaving the office - feel free to chime in - Looking fwd to being part of this forum!

Have a great weekend


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