The Definitive DOGFART Thread
IRBonanza Wrote:ALICIA RIVERS Gloryhole

Gotta love those perfectly naturals 34DDs. Definitely some of the best tits I've seen in IR porn in a while. Hope Dogfart shot a proper BG scene with her... Wink ... ia_rivers/

[Image: 30_m.jpg]

[Image: 14_m.jpg]

[Image: 20_m.jpg]

Has Dogfart or anybody else booked this girl for a proper IR scene?

This one of the many problems with this company. What fucking sense does it make to book a decent looking busty newbie (which is a fucking rarity these days) in this gimmick bullshit for her first IR?
^She shot one for midwest raw ent as carmen before this shoot.
I know many on this board hate what Dogfart puts out but I didn't mind a lot of there scenes. However, they have fallen hard over the past couple months. In my opinion they have put out a good scene since Hollie Mack, which was in May.
While looking over some news items I stumbled across this article on Dogfart

The porn studio that keeps trying to turn racist celebrity scandals into gold
by John Walker

It basically goes onto say how Dogfart usually goes onto offer those involved in these scandals some big time money to shot porn and as an aside they are able to get their brand more recognition on mainstream news site. They mentioned a few offers they had made recently including a $1 million offer to the Hogans to do a father daughter cuckold scene for watchingmydaughter go black. A $50k offer to Rachel Dolezal to shot for wefuckblackgirls. Unsurprisingly neither have responded to the offers but the CEO of the company that reps Dogfart says that one of these offers was once excepted by Janelle Ambrosio if you dont remember she was the woman from buffalo that got caught calling going on a tirade in a parking lot but she backed out before anything got shot.
jewels jade lookin like a tranny (more so than ever)

[Image: 08.jpg]
^LMAO she's looked terrible from the first time I saw her. I don't understand why dogfarts cast Her.
^Have you seen 90% of the milfs they hire lol.
BOB just seemed to change for the worse for me about 2005, I was a member 3 times. Its still the best IR site on the planet for me in terms of content but I simply don't go on there anymore. Sure the quality HD etc has improved over the years but its prime was when they shot all those scenes at that great big mansion. Some fantastic scenes down the years but not into its content nowadays.
newbob Wrote:^LMAO she's looked terrible from the first time I saw her. I don't understand why dogfarts cast Her.

I went to go look at her 2002 scene for them after reading this and she looks great there. All natural, no plastic surgery, young, etc. Now? She looks like a monster and it's a damn shame she ruined her natural beauty with all that surgery. I will never understand why pretty girls go under the knife like that. Actually, I do understand it. It's just sad that so many feel they need to change something that doesn't need changing because they have a warped view of themselves that doesn't coincide with everyone else's.

[Image: 7p10mnlqnzhmwpza.gif]
Alura Jenson this looks like her first scene on BOC . (only with dingo again) ... ra_jenson/

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