The Definitive DOGFART Thread
My attitude to porn is that I want to see hot chicks doing slutty things. Gangbangs are slutty.

Dogfart are pretty much the only studio producing anything other than boy/girl on a routine basis. Everything else in the IR genre is 90% 1v1.

Pretty much every chick they shoot for a gangbang has shot or will shoot multiple boy/girl scenes, so it's not like people are missing out on anything because one studio shoots gangbangs.

Man, people must be so disappointed that the recent Carolina Sweets scene was a gangbang. If only she'd shot another rare b/g scene like the ones she's already shot for Dogfart, XEmpire, Zero Tolerance, BangBros, NaughtyAmerica, Blacked, BlackedRaw, InterracialPass...

I hate their cuckold scenes. That shit is beyond the pale. But gangbangs have been their thing pretty much since day one, so I don't know why people would be surprised that fans of this site are voting for more gangbang content.

Go right back to the start of their BlacksOnBlondes content and it's all like Aurora Snow, Belladonna, Aimee Tyler, Kacey Kox, Venus etc. taking multiple dicks at once.

Don't get me wrong. There are some big red lines I draw on what I'm prepared to watch. But if you can't even stand to see a chick taking more than one dick at a time then you're into some seriously vanilla porn. 

Do you expect them to get married before they fuck as well?  Wink  Big Grin
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^^^Agree. Stop being little bitches complaining about gangbangs.
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Esperanza Horno GB

Well for those that dont mind the gangbangs you have another coming with Esperanza Del Horno.  You might remember her debut DF scene she had a train ran on her.  

Leya Falcon Blowbang

I have no shame in admitting I steer towards the more vanilla types of porn when it comes to the number of participants I think 3 is the max number I can handle in a scene personally.  Anything more than that there is just too much going on.  I mean in a gangbang you have the guys surrounding and on top of the girl and you can barely see her.  Then you have guys standing around with their dicks in their hands just distracting.  I like scenes where I can focus on the girl not what going on around her and in scene with too many people that is hard to avoid.
(07-09-2018, 03:39 PM)Shotgun Styles Wrote: Gangbangs are horrible.

B/G or B/G/G and in extreme cases B/G/G/G.

Any other combination is unacceptable.

Tbh I hate B/G/G simply because most of the time there is that one chick I wanna see get fucked and then there is that other chick who totally ruins the scene for me. Especially if the addon chick gets the better positions. I think the only match up ever that was OK was Charity Crawford with Jaye Summers.
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LOLZ! Murphey's Law: no matter which line you get in, all the other lines seem to go faster.
White Girl Connoisseur

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If Dogfart is going the LegalPorno route they better do it with fresh faces and not veterans that already did a bunch of gangbangs like Leya Falcon. I hate gangbangs so I guess Im gonna skip on them.
(07-10-2018, 03:14 PM)blkknight1 Wrote: when it comes to the number of participants I think 3 is the max number I can handle in a scene personally.  Anything more than that there is just too much going on.

So you don't like any of the BLACKED orgy scenes like the 2 on 2's or the Preppy Girl Threesome? Some of those were pretty good, IMO.
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First of All Who gets to criticize anyone else's preferences for porn!!? Its FUCKING Porn!

I happen to really like Dogfart's GloryHole series. Not sure why but its fucking HOT. AND>>> REALLY sick shit here... I love the gloryhole creampies! one of the hottest scenes in memory was Lexi Kartel getting dommed in the gloryhole booth by a black woman and forced to take an internal. Am I sick? Guilty!!

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candice dare BOB & BTS
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Candace Dare: YAAAAYYYY!!!!

Princess Grunts: BOOOOOOOO!!!!

         [Image: O2OK5gJ7_o.gif]   


XD XD XD         
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