Hulk Hogan uses the N-word, gets fires by WWE
Hulk Hogan fired by WWE as he admits to racist n-word tirade where he rants about his daughter sleeping with a black man. ... irade.html

It's a hot topic on TMZ.

Off-topic: Due to some private issues I wasn't able to post here anymore. In fact I even forgot that I had an account on Ir-tube. The last time I posted here was back in mid-2011.Confusedhock:
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[Image: Brooke%2BHogan.jpg]
Dem tits
second dude is a midget compared to her, she'd whoop his ass lol

Cosby is a rapist
Hogan is a racist

the childhoods of so many are in shambles
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Damn didn't know his daughter liked brothas
The words of truth are always paradoxical.

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You really don't know a white man until his daughter fucks a black guy. That's the real test lol. It wasn't a secret his daughter liked the black dick :lol:
I agree with you both IRB and AK. True colors come out over time, very disappointed but not surprised. I liked to watch this guy as a kid.

He has a very inappropriate relationship with his daughter. He posted a pic of her on Twitter talking about her nice body and rubbed lotion on her ass.
I watched an episode of their reality show years ago and he put a tracker on her car without her knowledge so that he'd know exactly where she was at any given time. Creepy.
^Adding to that, Hogan's girlfriend looks almost EXACTLY like his daughter. I repeat, his girlfriend looks a lot more similar to Brooke than Brooke's mom.
nigga grew up in west virginia it sounds like
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