Hulk Hogan uses the N-word, gets fires by WWE
Can you tell the difference
[Image: hulkhogan-sunbathing-photos-04152009-01-580x435.jpg][Image: hulk-hogan-daughter-lotion-7117.jpg]

on a side note how many more of the icons of the 80's(my childhood years) are gonna be exposed.
Arnold Schwarzenegger- the adulter
Bill Cosby - We all know whats going on with him
Michael Jackson - We all know what happened there
Mel Gibson - racist rant
Whitney Houston - Druggie

Whose next, MR.T, Webster, Oprah, Larry Bird?
add mike tyson, convicted rapist.

as long as we fans don't look at these celebs and worship them, defend them at all costs like i know some stans do in the music world, or even movies and porn, we are FAR better off
People, from whatever walk of life, are suppressing their own inability to get over the way society is changing that it just becomes a matter of time and events to let them spew all this out to the media.
Great tabloid fodder for those who are into this. He is going to lose his daughters if he carries on like this. If he is like this then can you imagine what kind of grandad do you think he'd be like ?
She is hideous.
you can tell Stephanie wanted him out. SHe was the one who reportedly pulled the plug on his contract, and has basically given the order to give him the "Beniot" treatment in terms of erasing his legacy from their product. He has always been a joke, and it was just a matter of time before something finally sunk him. All the careers he held down, those guys must be laughing at him now.
step is a huge pr whore so that ain't surprising. she supposedly covers up a lot of racial bullshit backstage, so she's full of shit.

mexican star dos caras jr (alberto del rio in wwe) slapped a social media guy who made racist jokes on him and del rio got fired. media guy got nothing.

and there's michael ps hayes who told mark henry's he's blacker than he is, and they cover up for his ass too. that whole front office is a clown show and why the wwe act like what hogan said is offensive or something they never associate themselves with is even greater

i miss the late 80's early 90's wwf/wcw. yea might have been some racial gimmicks but everybody didnt get their panties in a knot over things.
The WWE/WCW went downhill as soon as it went public. When a company has shareholders to answer to they tend to become more conservative. Controversy has a negative effect on stock prices and no corporation ever wants to see that price go down.

Oh and I think you meant the late 90's was the peak of WWE with the attitude era, which was a basic I don't give a flying fuck what anyone thinks about our gimmicks we are gonna do them. I mean who could forget the most infamous racial bit they did then with DX in full blackface imitating the Nation of Domination.

yeah i remember that.

but ted dibiase with virgil as his 'boy' basically or roddy piper doing half blackface in his wrestlemania match with bad news brown.

ted was an awesome heel tho and got virgil somewhat popular for that feud.
either way, i ran off topic, my point is stephanie mcmahon is a huge hypocrite so i can give a damn what she thinks
shot_in_tha_dark Wrote:add mike tyson, convicted rapist.

as long as we fans don't look at these celebs and worship them, defend them at all costs like i know some stans do in the music world, or even movies and porn, we are FAR better off

I'm not even surprised when stuff like this comes out.

People think because they watch entertains on TV or in films that they know what they are like in their private lives.
So the Hulk didn't like his daughter getting smutted out by some black rap producer and had a tantrum with his mistress about it years ago in what he thought was a private convo? I wouldn't like my daughter getting whored out on some casting couch shit either so I can relate to that. He's a little bit racist? Who gives a fuck? everyone is a little bit racist and those who aren't are usually those patronizing birkenstock wearing types who claim to love everyone but wouldn't be caught dead actually spending time around minorities. The Hulk is entertaining. I don't give a fuck about Terry Bollea and his problems. Bring him back I say.

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