Webcam IR girls/couples, amateurs and sites
This seems to be an increasingly popular avenue for adult ent. Early on it mostly seemed like solo girls just teasing, dancing, stripping, and using toys. But now, couples seem to be getting a lot more popular. I never got into the subscribing side to that just yet. I've only paid for pro stuff, e.g. Jules Jordan, mainstream pro work.

BUT lately the appeal of amateur couples streaming their sessions has grown on me. The improved quality of casual use webcams has also helped. They are still not even close to pro level video fidelity, not most of them anyway, but some of them are decent. They even pay attention to the people in the chat, the tippers, who request certain camera angles, and they will move the camera around for you. It's an interesting interactive aspect.

But what I started this topic about was who do you think are the best IR girls who mainly do IR cam stuff?

I came across one prominent cam star name of Tiffany JAmes.

I think she is on ManyVids. But I am not sure if she does those live tip shows or if she just shares her own amateur vids there.

There's places like Chaturbate and others for live camming.

What sites do you think are the best? Which ones seem to have more IR couples?

So far I haven't had much luck in searching for IR couples. The tag and search functions on these sites are not very helpful.

And for those who haven't discovered some really good ones yet, check out Pornaddict01's "Webcam Interracial Archives" posts. There's some really good ones in there. I mean they aren't all dimes, but for amateur, it's still hot.

Like I said, the production quality isn't too trill or nothin, but I think it's the authentic enthusiasm of the passion they exhibit that sets it apart from pro stuff. The more authentic the couple is, like actual intimately familiar partners, usually the nastier they are.

So who do you think are the best you have come across?
Who are the most active?
Who are the newest ones to keep an eye on?
Which cam sites are the best? Is it ManyVids? YouKandy?

I mostly just come across these couples vids via Xhamster, which is not a specific cam site of course, but that seems to have the most amateur stuff that gets posted there.
Thanks I didnt see she had another twitter. But that's the same Tiffany. I wonder if she was popular before social media and user-content driven sites like Manyvids. I never heard of her before this year.
busty brunette ashli belle

did a couple blowjob ir scenes and now she's showing her taking doggy from a bbc ... 1499214848
Found this chic the other day.Not sure what her name is though. She goes by busty_ir_housewife ... 1610178586
Looks like her name is Denise Foxxx
Thanks for sharing. That Busty_IR_Housewife is a good one.
One more... No idea who the chic is but she's a cute redhead ... source=rel
her name is vegaspussy. I actually chat with her on an app. There's also already a thread on this in Outside IR section.
Yeah like I said, Xhamster seems pretty popular with the homegrown/amateur stuff.

Just came across this one. She's hot as fuck IMO. Nice ass this foreign chick ... ebcam.html

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