Lamar Odom and Sunny Lane?
I'm having trouble posting a pic so I'll likely edit this post at some point to add a photo but it appears that Sunny Lane was on his list of girls to do according to the brothel bill I saw on Good Morning America today and evidently the price was 10K. No wonder these girls can afford to dodge on screen if they can get that much to do private sessions in a whore house...
madison montag... the transgender?
I don't think he was there for the tranny, but maybe that's just me being naive. It doesn't show up on the parts of the bill we can see in that screencap, tho.
Sunny was a cutie dodger back in the day, but no way in hell was that pussy EVER worth 10 fucking grand.
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Lol. Is there any female any of you would even think about spending 10k on?
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^only if her pushy was the fountain of youth other than that no way in hell would I drop that kind of money on a women.
Bsshg1 Wrote:Lol. Is there any female any of you would even think about spending 10k on?
tbh if i'm a rich dude and i don't spend it on frivolous things (like i would never need a huge swimming pool in my mansion but it would be sweet!), maybe. a girl like sunny lane is gorgeous and 10k is nothing to multi-millionaires.
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Actually Sunny was a bit of a bargain.
According to most reports he paid $37,500 each, for two other girls during the day shift. I don't know why Sunny has been left out of most news reports. perhaps he was scheduled to bang her later that night (her portion of the bill is a nighttime bill) but then he O.D.'ed and didn't do it... ... l-Bill.jpg
It seems trouble also follows those two. Apparently Monica was fresh out of witness protection when this all went down, apparently found her bf murdered and then had her moms house shot up, was just getting back to work when this went down and is now back in hiding. Ryder also witnessed her boyfriend get murdered a couple of years ago. Ryder has seemingly also left the ranch and went back home.

After seeing pics of these two most definitely not worth that much money, it was seeming a case of quantity over quality because apparently they each visited up to 6x per day over the course of the 3 days. After visiting Sunny Lane's twitter 10k was no bargin either.
There is no way I'm paying that kind of money for a girl that Rodney Moore, Tim Von SWINE and Old Dirty Harry got paid to fuck.

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