Lamar Odom and Sunny Lane?
blkknight1 Wrote:It seems trouble also follows those two. Apparently Monica was fresh out of witness protection when this all went down, apparently found her bf murdered and then had her moms house shot up, was just getting back to work when this went down and is now back in hiding. Ryder also witnessed her boyfriend get murdered a couple of years ago. Ryder has seemingly also left the ranch and went back home.

After seeing pics of these two most definitely not worth that much money, it was seeming a case of quantity over quality because apparently they each visited up to 6x per day over the course of the 3 days. After visiting Sunny Lane's twitter 10k was no bargin either.

$37,550 for each, eh?

These guys man....
Jesus you can find better looking chicks for less than $100. He was really in a bad place if he paid for those bitches. Khloe is a great beauty compared to them lol.
^I agree. Sunny Lane? Gimme Sunny Leone and no I wouldn't pay 10,000 for her, not nearly that amount.
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Shit I'd pay $10,000 to fuck some one but they wouldn't be in porn. Gimme scarlett johansson, minka kelly, christina hendricks the list could go on. And on top of that they will do whatever I want. Then yea I'd pay 10k. For those skanks lamar was fucking
Fools and their money are easily parted.
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