Is Holly Holm's success due to Jon Jones "special help"?
Holly Holm leans on Jon Jones and a championship team to ready her for Ronda Rousey

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Holm has trained for her entire career at the Jackson-Winkeljohn fight team alongside pound-for-pound king Jon Jones, who has been a training partner and mentor in many ways as the former boxer forged a new career as a mixed martial artist.

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Holm has spoken several times in the past about the influence Jones has had on her style and approach to fighting, but as she approaches the biggest matchup of her career, he's gone above and beyond to ensure that she's ready for what lies ahead.

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"I love to hear his input on it and he has been very helpful and very instrumental in this fight camp, a lot of things that sometimes he'll just brainstorm on that works really well for me, he's been great, been a great help."

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While Holm admits that Jones isn't exactly the right size to serve as her sparring partner, he will often times attend her training sessions and offer advice that could be valuable when facing someone as dangerous as Rousey in the Octagon.

"There's been times where he might even just come to my mitt session and have some ideas on things that he feels works with my fighting style and just ideas that he has. He's got a very, very good mind about fighting and I always appreciate his advice," Holm said.

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we know what those after mitt sessions are..
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its fun turning innocent shit into something dirty Confusedmile:
I know you're just bullshittin around but I personally hate when people(mostly WM but not exclusively) make it a sexual thing just because a BM/WF are friends.
Remember the gif of Bones kidding Ronda on the cheek during a interview and she turned beet red. People said the same thing.

Not coming at you,snakeman. Just stating.....

Besides, Jones got enough shit to worry about. Homeboy was fucking up, I hope he can come back.
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This topic :lol:
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snakeman Wrote:[Image: oySP26r.jpg]

The words of truth are always paradoxical.

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MOD EDIT: deleted due to unsubstantiated claims

1. I said racist-adjacent. it's like the Supreme Court thought on obscenity..."I know it when I see it."

2. Check out the following articles/discussions. ... ated-race/ ... on-racism/

3. Right wing media is sticking up for Rousey and saying that anyone who calls her racist is ridiculous. They all link to the first article.

4. Rousey didn't call out War Machine like she did Money May.

5. Ray Rice ... -elevator/

6. Google Ronda Rousey and Grey Hardy.

Since I've substantiated the claim of racist-adjacent, I think my post should be put back up. Suppose I should I should have provided evidence the first time, I just assumed everyone knew.
raangers18 Wrote:Good. Rousey may not be full blown racist, but judging by her comments, she's at least racist-adjacent.

Ranger what did Rousey say
She didn't say anything
op really went there :lol:

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