Romi Rain appreciation thread
I wonder why she hasn't worked with dogfart yet?
^she either charges more for ir (which isnt likely because she shot quite a few scenes once she started including bangbros and i doubt that, that many places wanted to pay a premium) or she's like a few porn chicks who hates the name so much they refuse to work with them i.e august ames
dogfart is a dumbass name. Im not surprised it affects their work.
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Yep. It's the worst brand name I've ever come across. It's little wonder how IR has had such a bad reputation when the #1 brand in IR for about a decade was "Dogfart." Gee I wonder why there's such a stigma... The name by itself broadcasts the notion that its very owners think of IR as degenerate trash.

And even when they have a fair sub-brand name to promote, such as BlacksonBlondes, it's STILL a dumbass name because they regularly feature non blonde women on there. Think of how stupidly marketed they've been, it would have been more astonishing that the IR genre wasn't disparaged as a cheap laughing stock for so long.
Dogfart is consistent with their updates and they've put in a lot of work over the years, but yeah, the name isn't flattering and neither is their image a lot of times. They don't necessarily make their models look flattering, but they have improved here and there.
Dogfart has improved in quality over the years. Their videos are now top notch. Let's face it, it should be the next obvious choice because her back tattoos disqualifies her from movies.
ir-prince Wrote:I try my hardest not to knock dudes for their personal tastes. But if you are going to go there then so be it.

I like alot of the barbies that you like. I would OBLITERATE Summer Brielle if she ever got near my wheelhouse.

But I also like a variety of other chicks too. I like the youthful look sometimes (Elsa Jean) and I like the Milf look if it's not beaten down, tatted up and over the hill (Kendra Lust). Ever so often even a fatty catches my eye (Felicia Clover).

What I'm trying to say is, variety is the spice of life. Every chick can't have Alice Eve's top half and Kim Kardashian's bottom. Hell, I'd settle for just one of them type hoes!
White Girl Connoisseur

Romi has gained a good amount of weight recently. Her ass is bigger
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Good, you could iron clothes on it before.
vesuvius Wrote:Good, you could iron clothes on it before.
LOL I think her boobs and face make up for it

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