Jade Nile
This hottie needs some love been putting out quality IR scenes for a while now. Nice body, pretty face and a good performer and she even pulls off having a bush! :lol: Hope see to plenty more from her in 2016 Big Grin
Well a year is a long time in porn lol and she's done several scenes which is more than can be said for most..
I hope we see more of her. She is a really good performer. I think she is finally starting to get shot more.
IRBonanza Wrote:Really? I thought she started doing IR only a year ago and has only a handful of IR scenes to her name... :?

She's done more scenes than Noelle Easton already.


But yeah, this broad is bad af. Her scene for TLBC was stellar to say the least.
[Image: 7p10mnlqnzhmwpza.gif]
Her BoB scene with Prince was amazing! I hope she keeps doing IR
[Image: GF9tELh.gif]
Did somebody know if its a fake creampie on her blackonblonde scene with prince?
we dont even see the cum and Prince cum acting was so bad
I see that she shot a new scene Dogfart yesterday, so I thought I would bump this thread.  She was doing some great work I guess she thought she nneded a change and cut her hair after that she kinda fell off because nobody was really feeling it and then decided to leave for a bit but she has grown her hair back out and has returned and since she has been back she has been putting in some good work.

[Image: DjY5zpEU0AAGblZ.jpg]

There is something about her, she is not the hottest in terms of looks but she is super attractive.
[Image: JADE-NILE-JOSS-ISIAH-BLACKED-08.jpg][Image: th?id=OIP.hUIdbnKu7w5yPS0Si4EtUgHaLH&pid=Api][Image: th?id=OIP.ATzJvbrrPbRuJ8vsmjhdwwHaLH&pid=Api][Image: 1519318541_keep2porn-net-cover.jpg][Image: 59244e3b37dad4123e6e3524e0ec488a.jpg][Image: 5a8fd1f34add7-968_20.jpg]
[Image: th?id=OIP.nM9MCakj--52OJlrmhN-KgHaC6&pid=Api][Image: th?id=OGC.d88d323f7b60773e0c03a3b689281b...POb3h0WUug][Image: Chanel_Preston_Jade_Nile_3.gif]
^ Don't remind about that short hair phase she went through. I don't know about that killing her bookings, though. How do/did girls like Riley Nixon and Leigh Raven get booked then?
[Image: 7p10mnlqnzhmwpza.gif]
I did not know she had short hair,  does anyone have a picture? 
To me she is suoer hot,  she has some aura around her

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