IR pornstar before and After Boob job and which is prefered
Since many of us have stated out preference one way or another A few side by side comparison. Find them post them and we can discuss which version was better.

Aletta Ocean
[Image: Aletta-Ocean.jpg]
Better Pre Boob job

Sophie Dee
[Image: Sophie-Dee.jpg]
Better post boob job

Jenna Presley
[Image: Jenna-Presley.jpg]
Better Pre Boob Job

Brooke Banner
[Image: Brooke-Banner.jpg]
Pre Boob Job

Melissa Lauren
[Image: Melissa-Lauren.jpg]
Pre Boob Job

Alanah Rae
[Image: Alanah-Rae.jpg]
Pre boob job

Rebecca Linares
[Image: Rebeca-Linares.jpg]
Post boob job

Delilah Strong
[Image: 4466767_delilah-strong.jpg]
Post boob Job

Shawna Lenee
[Image: 4466774_shawna-lenee.jpg]
Post boob job

Kleio Valentine
[Image: Kleio-Try-3-2-900x767.jpg]

Summer Brielle
[Image: Summer-Brielle.jpg]
Pre boob job
Pretty much prefer all of them after the operation. I like big tits. However there was a point during Aletta Ocean's career after she had a boob job and still hadn't had all the lip fillers in where she looked absolutely stunning. Unfortunately she looks like a duck now. Same for Summer Brielle, done a bit too much. Really enjoyed Rebecca Linares, Jenna Presley, Shawna Lenee and Alanah Rae with their new tits.

I'm not sure how to post pics so I apologise in advance but Nikita Denise is one of my favorites. She was a good performer even before the boob job but after with that full body and beautiful tits, goddamn that was special. Hope she comes back because she only did a handful of scenes.
Prefer all of them before the operation. I like big tits, too, but I don't like plastic, scarring, non-bouncing bricks, etc. Even with all that said, I do actually agree with Andy here about the Aletta pic. That's not really a fair comparison since she also has work done on her face in that pic. Would be better if it could just showcase her breast augmentation.

As far as what I think about each individual pair of implants in more detail, to prove I'm not just hopelessly biased:

Aletta Ocean - Went too big. If she had gone up a cup, probably wouldn't have been that bad. There's just not enough tit meat there for what she went, though. Look way too hard and unmoving. Also, the shape and look and size for that matter of her natty's is quite nice. No idea why she felt the need to go bigger there.

Sophie Dee - I think her breasts were fine as is, but I can somewhat see why she got implants. The shape wasn't the most appealing ever, the implants are a bit more rounded. She also had a decent amount of titty meat there to work with, so that's always a plus.

Jenna Presley - I think she had great tits pre-boob job. She wasn't flat by any means, great shape, plenty to grab onto. She probably went slightly too big with the implants, but the shape admittedly is pretty on point and she had a good amount of meat to work with so probably not too hard.

Brooke Banner - Her tits were nice pre-boobjob. The implants don't look that bad in that pic, shape is good. Probably could of gone up a little less than she did, but whatever.

Melissa Lauren - I liked her tits pre-boobjob, but I can see why she got them. She was fairly small before and has a bit more of a case for getting them than the girls before her did. Her implants aren't that bad looking, didn't go too big and shape is good.

Alanah Rae - Can also see why she got implants. She probably didn't like the shape of her originals. Shape of the implants is good, although one looks a little bigger than the other in that particular picture.

Rebecca Linares - Her tits looked great before, shape is great, no sagging (in that pic at least). Her implants look too hard and rigid (maybe different sizes as well? Or facing different directions?).

Delilah Strong - She's more justified in getting them than most on this list. The implants don't look that bad. They still look like they move, bounce, etc. Shape remains intact.

Shawna Lenee - She's the most justified on this list by far. Unfortunately, though, when it comes to implants the smaller you are the worse they will look on you the bigger you go. She had nothing to work with before, so going real big is just all plastic at that point. No titty meat. The definition of hard and unmoving.

Kleio Valentine - She's in a slightly bigger boat than Shawna Lenee. Her only hope was to go up a cup and call it a day. There's just no bounce there, and sorry, but whether they bounce or not (movabiliy, softness) is a primary concern when it comes to fake tits for me.

Summer Brielle - They look different sizes. Went too big, IMO.

How about Katie Kox or some others?

It's really unfair how the smaller a woman's breasts are, the more fake her breasts will look if she gets implants. It means the ones who need them the least won't look as bad with them and the ones (who feel) they need them the most will look the worst with them. It actually makes sense, though, if you think about it.

Some chicks are just naturally busty and some aren't. Their bodies are that way for a reason. A busty chick being bustier isn't as out of wack as a non-busty chick trying to be busty. It's biology, yo.
[Image: 7p10mnlqnzhmwpza.gif]
If the tits are done right I love fake tits. Check the ave and sig. FOREVER.
^ Well said. I always find it rather strange when a woman with excellent natural breasts that aren't small at all decide to get implants. They must have insane levels of insecurity for them to wake up one morning, see their nice sized tits in the mirror and come to the conclusion that they just aren't big enough.

A lot of it is the fault of dudes on forums and social media constantly saying a girl's tits aren't big enough and that they like extremely big tits regardless if they're fake or not. They're just much more loud, vocal and outspoken than natural tit lovers like ourselves.

It's akin to Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. One is more 'do whatever it takes, by any means necessary' in his approach while the other is more peaceful and 'turn the other cheek' in his. Both are great in their own way, but one will resonate and leave a more lasting impression just a bit more when the dust finally settles.

[Image: 7p10mnlqnzhmwpza.gif]
Post boob job for Sophie Dee, Jenna Presley , Rebecca Linares, Summer Brielle and even Aletta Ocean.
The others girls I just don't care, they don't attract me with big boobs or not.

you understand me, i just like it BIG ! :twisted:
I liked post boobs Brooke Banner.
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Until they can make fake tits that don't look obviously fake, I always prefer natural. To me you might as well ask if you like porn with real women or CGI women. Until they can make a CGI woman look and act like a real woman, I prefer a real woman.
I prefer natural tits, so I'm pre-boob job for all. To me most boob jobs are a sign of desperation and can seriously turn a cute girl into a circus act.
^ Well said. I personally think it's a sign of insecurity in general, but yes, it can be a sign of desperation if it's to prolong one's career or boost popularity. There are of course cases where the chick gets the implants then immediately retires. Those clearly fall into the former rather than the latter.
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