IR pornstar before and After Boob job and which is prefered
^100% agree about Jasmine Jae Big Grin :mrgreen: Tongue

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LuvWhiteSluts Wrote:Deleted? post From Feb 11:

whiteisright4bbc Wrote:I knew Brooklyn Chase had a ton of titty fat already. Will never forgive Dogfart now though since I believe she was one of the contest winners with Kayden Flames and I remember they said in the fine print that they would have to undergo breast augmentation.

I've posted here before that I like that Dogfart recruits big tit bimbo sluts. I turn to Dogfart when I want to see fine ass white sluts get verbally degraded and ripped apart by a gang of aggressive BBCs. There's other sites for 1:1 IR.

Maybe the fake looking sluts get higher ratings and subscription revenue because they look like perfect bimbo whores?? Seems like if they offer a model a contract for a bunch of scenes like they did Brooklyn Chase or Kayden Flames they want that girl to fit the mold of having big fake tits, lip injections to better serve black cock, then whore them out to be choked, slapped and their assholes ripped apart because that's what its viewers like, want and expect. If all that is part of them getting the opportunity to get the Dogfart treatment as a feature model, I have no problem with that. These sluts get exposure and a great fan base to help boost their careers.

Brooklyn was a Dogfart feature model and became a fan favorite. They made her a true whore by filming her in 11 different scenes and totally overwhelmed her mouth and pussy in the blow bang scene (the faces she makes when she got bent over the trash can and railed by a train of BBC- I bust every time) and fans were calling for her to have her own Dogfart site. Who knows whatever happened to Kayden Flames but that bitch was a hot little slut too.

As far as I can tell from member comments fans seem to love Brooklyn's huge fake tits:
"A cutie with a nice set well worth some nut" "I didn't give her tits enough credit" "Joined just for her." Seems like Dogfart knows their customers and gave them what they want.

Brooklyn said on Twitter (when haters were bashing her for "ruining her perfect body") she already had fake tits, her 2nd time just went bigger. So I don't think that's why she got them done becuase she had already done pretty much all all the Dogfart sites before the 2nd augmentation.

Why all the haters here? Brooklyn hot as fuck.
[Image: brooklyn_chase_4.jpg]

And so are some of the other girls with fake tits that they cast. Who wouldn't fuck any one of these doctored up white sluts Dogfart signed?

[Image: tumblr_nq1b2k0z8p1uxa0glo1_1280.jpg]
Juelz Ventura: "Fucking cunt got used and abused. Nice body, those lips are sexy as fuck, and some of those faces she made...I melted. It's so much more than just fucking. Dogfart does a great job at capturing that and bringing the nasty, kinky, slutty sex out of the girls and that's what keeps us coming back for more."

[Image: bibi_noel_2.jpg]
Bibi Noel: "It's a turn on when a fine bitch like Bibi turns her body into an amusement ride for Black Cock. I love seeing white bitches modify their body for a black man's pleasure and enjoyment."

[Image: jasmine_jae.jpg]
Jasmine Jae: "Jasmine may be the hottest slut in porn today. Where do yall keep finding these fine ass white women from?"

Just my take, but maybe I'm not the only one that likes these kind of white sluts.

Sir, I love your style

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Shotgun Styles Wrote:Crocious used to post great pic threads.

Miss that cat.

He recently appeared just to say he was tired of what this place had become and immediately left. It was surreal.
Since I did not want to start a new thread I figured that I would bump this one, because Kissa Sins is about to join the ranks of the non natural tits.  She is getting hers done either today of tomorrow.
(12-19-2018, 09:10 AM)blkknight1 Wrote: Since I did not want to start a new thread I figured that I would bump this one, because Kissa Sins is about to join the ranks of the non natural tits.  She is getting hers done either today of tomorrow.

I am not a big tit, augmentation or silicon snob,  I have had my share of real and fake and haven't broken a tooth yet.  I believe that augmentation is a great idea for Kissa, she has everything else she needs!!

To give an update on previous post. Kissa Sins has posted an update video of her post boob job on twitter.
(02-01-2016, 03:19 PM)blkknight1 Wrote: Since many of us have stated out preference one way or another A few side by side comparison.  Find them post them and we can discuss which 

Sophie Dee
[Image: Sophie-Dee.jpg]
Better post boob job

Even anti-implants crowd will admit this is a change for the better.
Looks like Pepper Hart is part of the new boob club
[Image: Dv4vZZhVsAA8V1I.jpg]

[Image: Dv-OJjSVsAA1K3U.jpg][Image: Dv-OJjUUwAESF1K.jpg]
I don't think there is a single after that I prefer here
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(01-11-2019, 12:50 AM)shortpencil Wrote: I don't think there is a single after that I prefer here

Yea I feel the same. I just come to accept at some point a porn actress I like will probably go from natural to having getting either breast implants or work done on their butt. I just hope they are closer to a Zoey Monroe with breast implants than a Nicolette Shea/Lela Star. But have come to accept the plastic women existing and still watch their videos.

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