Elsa Jean
^ My perception of that thread is a bit different to yours. A lot seemed to be pointy elbow guys and didn't think she was hot for whatever minor issue they could find with her. Her fucking brothas wasn't brought up near enough either.

Overall, pretty boring thread/10.
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^ Barely anyone even mentioned her fucking brothas and hardly any that did sounded like that. It was just more of a "fun fact" more than anything. One was even excited by it. Most didn't even mention it and critiqued her toes/feet being too long or her not being a natural blonde, etc.

All I'm saying is it was a boring read and I expected something like Stormfront the way you hyped it up, my mans. You lookin' like the Flavor Flav of ir-tube right about now to me...

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Looking slick, shiny, and sexy for Oiled Up 5
[Image: Capture5.jpg]
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Just had a scene released on trenchcoat a BGG with Ana Foxx and Sean Michaels
[Image: 0.jpg?v=1496088852.2222]
[Image: 1.jpg?v=1496088852.2222]
[Image: 12.jpg?v=1496088852.2222]
[Image: 14.jpg?v=1496088852.2222]
[Image: 17.jpg?v=1496088852.2222]
[Image: 19.jpg?v=1496088852.2222]
[Image: 18.jpg?v=1496088852.2222]
[Image: 2.jpg?v=1496088852.2222]
[Image: 20.jpg?v=1496088852.2222]
[Image: 6.jpg?v=1496088852.2223]
^ If you're going to provide screen caps, you should post if it isn't already.
I'm a pussy guy and I could just stare a pictures of her pussy all day. Best looking pussy in the business.
I've been waiting for an Elsa and Ana pair up to happen.
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why she is awesome
why she is awesome
I knew there was a thread on her. She had another IR scene released for Bangbros last week.

[Image: 74037599_bangbros18180626elsajean.jpg]

She's has had IR scenes coming out fairly regularly for a while now, don't think I'll ever tire of seeing her getting plowed by BBC lol.

Some random fucked up info on her that I learnt from her IRpass interview is that she was already married twice by the time she was 20. Her first marriage was to a 48 year old who was already married with kids and shit. She found out and crashed both his porsche's in retribution. She also got one of her exs deported cos he kept harrassing her and breaking into her house. That's some fucked up shit man my life is so tame in comparison lol.

What kind of dude marries someone 30 years their junior tho? Pretty sick if you ask me.
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