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joy division Wrote:i read somewhere that many of the girls on lisa ann agency don't even exist.

hahaha lisa ann working with imaginary talent.
[Image: 116i13d.jpg]
Is what sex is all about!
WTF? Hell naw wesley pipes I can stand him! She is still available for IR so atleast he didnt fuck that up!
guess whos back
I admit it I like Samantha sin Shes a hell of a performer, Really good looking, Gorgeous eyes, pretty smile, and is still available for IR! Althought shes only has done 4 good IR scenes out of 21 IR scenes the rest where kinda ok but most of her vanilla shit had more chemistry as far as the fucking but she always sucked dick consistently well in IR or vanilla!
guess whos back
lol wow
MonsterWhite Wrote:lol wow
I know LoL I had to go back and edit it after i seen the rest of her IR scenes compared to vanilla but you cant read much into that!
guess whos back
Trick E Wrote:Jessie Volt from Spiegler looks interesting. Parker Page from LADirect, dont get much fresher than that.According to A List Talent, Lindsey Meadows is up again for IR? Check out A List Isobel Wren
Yesssssss, Lindsey meadows is Hott, can take some serious pounding, and is funny as hell. What more could you ask for!!!
Trick E Wrote:
JMack Wrote:Check out this new girl ... nnedy.html

Her named is Tristyn Kenndy and is pretty hot for an 18 year old.

Bitch is workin porn to get a coupla bags of silicone in the right places.

This bitch is definately hot I would love to see her DP.
JMack Wrote:Check out this new girl

Mali Tosh[1-33]/2995/01/F#anchorname

you mean this one ? ... 2995/01/NF

she's alright i guess...
JMack Wrote:Look like Jeescia Moore now have IR on her card now ... der=female
Damn, this chick is a hottie. :o Time to do some research. :twisted:
JMack Wrote:Damm La took IR off an Nella Jay card. fuck you Ben English

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