Lana Rhoades
^Do you have a link for that?

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its good that she stood up for the bruthas but dont get it twisted she's not down for them in her personal life. Which is fine by me
Yeah I don't even need to know about what the girls do off camera. Don't really even need them stepping up for brothers on social media. Who cares about what some do nothing lame says online? Just ignore these fools and they will either mature and go about their business or fade in obscurity. Fuck em.
kingdarius Wrote:its good that she stood up for the bruthas but dont get it twisted she's not down for them in her personal life. Which is fine by me
how do u know?
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IRBonanza Wrote:Apparently she's Eastérn European (Slovenian and Czech) by descent. No wonder she's down with the brothas. ... 0594520067
Eastern European females are down for anyone with the money to pay them.
Their culture has a historically female surplus due to too much wars so the men acted like jackasses because they realize no matter how badly they behaved female pussy and cheap alcohol was guaranteed. Thus any western male or eastern male or male with some money is dating up to them. Something similar happens in vietnam. Russia has a falling lifespan, Russian men are dying young in their 50s, the amount of murders and crimes, homicides and gang violence or russian ghetto gang bangers shooting up each other makes America's worse neighbourhoods look like paradise. On top of that Russia has tons of ethnic gangs coming from their ethnic minorities who are mainly yellow asians groups from far east Russia who come west into Moscow and st. petersberg looking for jobs. Walking the streets of Russia, you can encounter this friendly bunch of kids
[Image: gangs-russia-great-14.jpg]

So for all the hate African Americans get for their so called "criminal element" , it is nothing compared to what goes in Russia and the rest of the world.
Ipay4 Wrote:makes America's worse neighbourhoods look like paradise.


[Image: gangs-russia-great-14.jpg]

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He is right though. Russian gangsters are brutal to the extreme, and because law enforcement is spotty at best, they last a lot longer than they do here in the Police State of America.

And he's right about Russian hoes, too. There's been a steady female surplus since WW2, Russian men treat them like shit, and they are money obsessed. Philko has touched on all these issues, but other Brotha's I know have reported the same from on the ground.

In America it's hard for us to imagine a world not based on the Black/white dynamic. But the reality is, it's largely an American phenomenon. Tribalism exists everywhere but it is the legacy of slavery in America that makes tribalism manifest itself in Black vs. white terms.
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What's your point?
djdj123 Wrote:What's your point?

I thought it was pretty clear, actually... Wink
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I'm not denying any of that, Styles my boy. I just thought that was a hilarious pic to post up as a visual to demonstrate his claim.

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