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(07-11-2018, 11:27 PM)Blackpleasure79 Wrote: Lana is a goldmine and producers won't release any new stuff knowing that it gets more valuable as time goes by. They're copying the Brothalovers model, where certain scenes are shelved for a long time because their fanbase will buy the movie because of them. I think she's a beauty but I prefer her former version, whe she did the threesome for BlacksonBlondes.

Which sucks cause she could be shooting but she's all about snap/onlyfans now. Also... how long can these producers wait? Jules is known for that as someone said he has plenty scenes in the vault. Hope her scene is on Dredd's next release.

With these self-publishing sites and apps, all a pornstar as big as her needs is a harem of desperate motherfuckers who are willing to fork out a fortune to see some shitty cam footage of her masturbating, and she can earn more than she would getting repeatedly butffucked and degraded on a porn set.

Right now she's got a Tweet offering 10 "lifetime" subscriptions to her snapchat for $100 each, down from $250. That's a cool grand straight in her pocket from just 10 sad acts with more money than sense, in return for some crappy amateur cam vids of her posing or playing with her tits.

She only has to film hardcore when/if she needs to refresh the well of desperados willing to piss their money away on her crappy self-published content.
^ Services like Onlyfans only confirm my belief that sufficient people will pay a subscription fee for sub-par content, which is mostly completely forgettable. It's catnip for degenerates. I have more respect for shitty, fame obsessed youtubers because at least the camera quality is good.
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Why would she do all that to herself when she is the most popular in the industry,right now? She could start her own studio and make millions.
If you're a female performer that's that big that you got people willing to pay just to see a few snippets of you masturbating or rubbing your tits then why the fuck not. I can't knock the hustle.

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(07-13-2018, 08:35 PM)sapphi10489 Wrote: Why would she do all that to herself when she is the most popular in the industry,right now? She could start her own studio and make millions.

It's cheaper, grab a cellphone, a 5 bucks stand and click on the record button, then the server costs are paid by onlyfans with a percentage of the sales (5 or 10 percent). And she can do it whenever she wants, she doesn't have to hire a camera or set a date to film it.
This is a 'don't hate the player,hate the game' scenario like iramaj stated. As long as there are marks that will pay for said content, then it will continue to be profitable.
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