Jon Jones is a fucking idiot
Come on man.....fuck is you doing man. You just spent a year banned from the sport for not making good decisions now this.
In other news, water is wet.
Come on man, the guy has fucked up by using cocaine, he had a hit and run and then literally ran away, he has constantly gotten in trouble on Twitter for shit that would get a lesser UFC fighter dropped from the company and then said "Somebody hacked my account".

He is the Mike Tyson of MMA, a self-sabotaging wreck of a human being.
When the best fighter in your sport is a woman, and then that woman is humiliated in front of an international audience by being mule kicked in the head, it's time to declare your bush league sport a failure.

MMA was never going to be the next great American sport. Too much luck, not enough strategy, and all the best American athletes play football and basketball. MMA gets the leftovers.
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Shotgun Styles Wrote:When the best fighter in your sport is a woman
Welp, stopped reading there. Nobody ever seriously considered Rousey the best fighter in the sport and i've seen Nick Diaz tap her out multiple times, with ease.
Yeah, Rousey was the most dominant for a but no one thought she was the best.
MMA is fine, they need to push the brand and not stars.
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I understand why Stylez would think Rousey was the best, if you dont follow the sport, it's easy to believe.

Rousey was the most dominant because she fought in one of the absolute weakest divisions in the UFC.

Rousey was famous because she won while having a big mouth. The combination of these two factors combined with the girl power thing lead to Dana White hyping her up to be the second coming of Ali, while in fact she was beating up what would be considered cans in other divisions.

In contrast Anderson Silva was considered the absolute best for several years, but he was never a big draw because he never really invited controversy and he rarely spoke English. Fedor had the exact same problem.

MMA is growing each and every year, it's a great time to be a fan.
Wait, now Anderson Silva is fighting Cormier? This might have been intriguing 6 years ago, but come on!
I don't watch MMA its a fake sport and all of their 'fighters' take shots at boxing.

I do know Jon Jones and he seems like a troubled guy.. hope the best for him.

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