Should Ed and Farrah get more coverage than MJ ?
There's no doubt the popularity and cultural significance of MJ was exponentially larger. Thriller is still considered the greatest music video of all time. MJ was an icon.
Lots of people are complaining about this, especially the Foxnews' viewers.
I think we need to move away from a celebrity obsessed culture.
joey Wrote:I think we need to move away from a celebrity obsessed culture.

Agree 100%

I accidentally read an article that talked about how Shia LaBoeuf hates the Wii's and the Star Wars Lego game. I can't have that minute back.
Hell no, there weren't globel icons :roll: :roll: :roll:
Let's see:
Ed was always a second banana and host of a wack talent show.

Farrah was a good looking, in a TV show and a couple of movies.

MJ was crazy but completely changed everything in music, dance and entertainment. His death was the biggest news in entertainment since Elvis died.

So I guess the short answer is no, they shouldn't get more coverage. :roll:
While i agree that MJ was more Iconic and thus deserves more publicity i think it is unfair that farrah and Ed get way less like nobody cares. Why should anyone care anymore about MJ? his career has been dead for like 15 years and all people have heard of in that time is him touching little boys. Him Farrah and Ed should all go where everyone else goes.... In the obituaries.
No, everyone keeps talking about the child molestation charges but forgets that MJ is undisputably one of the most well known celebrities worldwide. The coverage that he is getting now is not surprising.
The way I see it, Farah would've probably not wanted to be seen in the limelight, her death was tragic but not unforeseen as MJ's.
Ed Mcamahon, had to sit next to Carson and make him believe that stale shit he spewed was funny.
Thanks to hustlin second career, as a magazine dealer, I had something to read growing up.
Considering Ady Ritcher, and what a flop his career has been, you kn Ed laughed at him;"Not as easy as it looks huh muthafucka"

RIP ED Da Hustla McMahon

So when is Vince gonna , well you know....

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