Isiah Maxwell
(07-10-2018, 10:42 PM)blkknight1 Wrote: Easier deepthroating

I was struggling but he was kind

A little exchange that Elena Koshka had with someone about her scene with Alexa and Isiah.  She noted how it was working with him.  She says she had an easier time deepthroating him than she did fucking him, and when he was fucking her she was struggling with him, but he noticed it and adjusted.  So again the guys rep with performers is why he works so much.

Thank goodness you explained that blkknight, I was starting to wonder
I think he is a good performer now. Nowadays when I see that he is paired with someone I like I don’t worry about the scene struggling. However, for his first year or so he had a lot of wood and performance issues. He was a pretty bad performer. This is where I think his nicknames came from. He also was getting a lot of work at that time too. I was annoyed with it at the time but now I think he is one of the better guys.
His Manyvids page is up.

Looks like he is has something coming up with Sydnee Max Lee on AstroDomina
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