Isiah Maxwell
Seems like this young dude is every where lately and he's polerizing to this forum. You either like him or you hate him.

For me personally he is way more watchable than lex or mandingo. He is young, the female performers seem to love working with him and he knocks the bottom out of the pussy. He reminds me ......of me *doc holiday voice*

When he first got in the game seemes like he had wood issues and issues with lack of energy but he seems to have righted him self. Don't be shocked if he gets an AVN nomination
Isiah is a great black performer
IRBonanza Wrote:He's ugly as fuck and worthless as a performer. Not in the same league as Lex or Dingo. Never will be... Idea

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So if you think he is ugly the question begs to be asked what male performers do you find attractive???

and as far as not being in the same league. He out fucks the both of them. Dingo and Lex are Old and fuck slower than cold molasses and it shows.

The Caliber of women they work with it top notch because of what they where in the past not what they are now.
Is this a bait thread or something? Big Grin Honestly my stomach literally turns when I see this cheesy ass clown in yet another scene!!. Right now you can look on Blacked, Teensloveblackcocks and NaughtyAmerica and he's in the latest IR scenes in ALL THREE!!..shit's boring as f#ck and a sad reflection of how poor the IR game is becoming now. Hell duke even has a Brazzers scene coming out in a few days too!! seems like when the white studios have their "favourite" then he'll be shoved down everyone's throats (no pun) despite the fact that he scores poorly in the ratings on all the websites.

The other day I saw he was in yet another blacked scene and I pretty much shut it down and forgot about it. Today I decided to give it a peak due to the women in the scene and it was the same weak ass performance from dude. This is not about "hating" on dude like someone suggested in a previous thread that I started on Isiah, this is about going on each and every IR site or top website and having to see his face about 90% of the's getting tedious now. His issues with wood has already mentioned which is a scene killer for any male talent. He's also corny as f#ck too!!..

I used to think Prince and Pipes were lames but this dude takes it to another level. I've never seen this much favouritism shown in the IR game before...never.
I'm starting to feel like dudes don't actually watch scenes and just look at casts to base their opinion. Tell me what scenes this cat wasn't limp in so I can tell you to get your eyes checked. Seriously. This is bordering on trolling at this level and I was one of the ones sticking up for this dude on here. Anyone who thinks he's redeemable at this point needs to watch that Anya Olsen/Sydney Cole scene. Now that that's settled, there's no more discussion to be had here and I will kindly see myself out of this thread.

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^ I couldn't agree more, white.

To those of you who think he's a good... Dare I say, great performer, PLEASE tell me why. Provide whatever references you can find to support your opinion, and present them in however way you want, because I genuinely would love to see what you're seeing.
lmao. So when Romi Rain was screaming that his shit was so hard I guess she was faking it lol. I swear man I don't know what half of you dudes be looking at.
Isiah owns/runs 360 Models Agency. Instead of him being the middle man when it comes to hiring male black talent, he became the middle man. He's like the Frank Lucas of the porn industry. He saw what the white male and female pornstars like Lisa Ann and Christianxxx were doing as far as running their own agencies and decided to join in and corner the market.

No other black male pornstar has their own agency like Isiah. Not even Lex. And every model that is with 360 Models (except 1) has IR on their card. Kendra Lust's and Lisa Ann's agencies don't even have that.

Anyway, he just shot with Tiffany Watson.
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He is OK but I get frustrated when he cannot pound the women because his erection is weak.
He needs to invest in Viagra or something but I don't think he is that bad to be honest.
ir-prince Wrote:For me personally he is way more watchable than lex or mandingo. He is young, the female performers seem to love working with him and he knocks the bottom out of the pussy.

I know you're trolling but this made me smile. The first sentence is a joke, comparing two IR legends with this turnip. And some female performers like working with him because he can't keep hard and fuck them properly, so easy money for them. As for "knocks the bottom out of the pussy" give some examples of this.
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