Isiah Maxwell
^ Hard to enjoy a scene if the male talent has to keep pulling out because he can't stay 'motivated.' Fuck you want me to do? Give him props and say he's the best thing since sliced bread when he's clearly not? C'mon now, bro. I live in reality. You should join me some time.
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djdj123 Wrote:Too much dick analysis going on in here. You mothafucks talk about this dude like he is a buck at a slave auction. You going to check his gums next?
Why do people pretend this is no dick in heterosexual porn? You think talking about his deflated dick will turn someone gay lol?

Dude has an issue, It's not even that hard to many medication available on the market to be shooting porn with a struggle stroke.
Damn. Is y'all still arguing about this negro?

He won. That's just that. Let the man do his thing and watch something else.
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^ isn't this a place to DEBATE IR porn? To many Isiah is a growing problem in this genre because he's a poor performer that somehow features in every damn scene these days. Therefore the man is pretty hard to escape. Right now I just try to avoid his scenes as much as possible but when you have him in in 90% of the latest IR joints that come out it's no wonder people are getting annoyed. You appear to be a fan of his as you ran up in my previous thread about him and moaned about people "hating" on him and now you're here again moaning. That's your prerogative but I'd also say if you don't like this thread you could do what you're telling people to do where Isiah's scenes are concerned and just avoid look at it.
ir-prince who's the chick riding on your avatar please?
tres2010 Wrote:ir-prince who's the chick riding on your avatar please?
If you can believe it...guy has a thread dedicated to his Avatars and Signatures...sheeesh :lol:
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He shot with Alycia Starr for cherokeedass. Big Booty guyz!
Mr. halfway slim limp dick needs to go. He ruins every scene he is in ...can't believe bangbros gave him the lana rhodes scene...he is pathetic.
spamonko Wrote:Mr. halfway slim limp dick needs to go. He ruins every scene he is in ...can't believe bangbros gave him the lana rhodes scene...he is pathetic.
How could anyone respect you clowns? I have never seen Isiah have wood problems in any of the scenes I have watched. You dishonest insulting clowns are basically telling everyone to not believe their eyes and take your lying word for it. You have zero credibility.
^ I have specifically stated what scenes he is 'half-way limp' in (a very apt description of this brothas' wood issues). Check out the Anya Olsen/Sydney Cole BGG scene from BLACKED. Look, I get it, man. Isiah is a REAL black man and not a dark Indian/Arab. We. Get. It. You have to defend REAL non-mixed black men because of your massive contrast fetish. I won't knock your hustle or your game, fella, but don't let your obsession blind you to the FACT that this dude indeed isn't a great performer and has problems maintaining an erection (I'm actually not sure if that's even the case anymore, it honestly might be that he just can never have a strong one like Shane, Jack, etc, which is kind of weird since he's not near those guys in size, but whatever).

I recently rewatched a couple Prince/Piper scenes. Not my favorite male talents, but they are leaps and bounds better performers than Isiah. Both are REAL black men, too, and not mixed. So why not go stan those guys in every thread and leave this cat to the wolves? Rob even has similar issues of Isiah, but I have to admit, he still knows how to fuck the broads 10x better than Maxwell. Maxwell don't have any actual chops to fall back on when his shit is half hard. That's the difference.

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