What are you listening to right this minute...
i've been listening to that new Roc Marci LP Behold A Dark Horse and Knowledge the Pirate LP Flintlock
2 of the best albums to drop this year
Just a few albums that I've been listening to:

Negro Swin - Blood Orange: More of a vibe album, great to just chill to. Love the way the vocals are used as an instrument and integrated into the beats. Puffy has one of my favorite features on this album.

Songs of praise - Shame: one of the best indie rock albums I've heard in a long time. Fun and great lyrics.

Room 25 - Nonane: Beautiful, Thoughtful and enjoyable. Best hip-hop album of the year.

Gold fire sessions - Santigold: Kind of generic reggae inspired pop but it's so fun to listen to, o give it a pass.

Isidesense - Brockhamton: Just came out bit I've been bumping it constantly. Fun beats and insightful/powerful lyrics.

Hive mind - The internet: Sexy. That is all.

Ta3oo - Denzel Curry: This is what "Trap music" should be. Super dope, booming beats with great lyrics. Percs might be my favorite song this year.

Crush EP - Ravyn Lenae: Beautiful voice with great/funky instrumentals. Can't wait for a full album from her

Little Dark Age - MGMT: Dark and hunting. Great social commentary.

Songs as an act of resistance - IDLES: The best album I've heard this year, one of the best post punk albums I've ever heard. I couldn't recommend it more, simply amazing.

All in all I think it's been a pretty great year for music, there was a bunch of albums I liked that I didn't mention, looking forward to the rest of the year.
This man put the Yay Yeezy on the map...

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Quincy Jones - Ai No Corrida

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DJ Muggs & Roc Marci - Kaos LP
Ghostface Killah - The Lost Tapes
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Roberta Flack, nigga. Great for chillin'

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Love TKO by one of the zen masters of soul, Mr. Teddy Pendergrass...
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