Tiffany Watson
I think dudes are getting too emotional here. So a few cats said her face was average, so what? It's not the end of the world. Everyone still respects her for doing IR straight out of the gate and (seemingly) being into black guys IRL. She has a great body as well and is definitely one I'll be keeping my eye on.
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Wow just got a chance to read through this thread, never did I think when I started it would it create such debate and contention.

I can only speak for myself but I think she is damn pretty and like many have stated she has an awesome body she has her curves in the right places, and she is an enthusiastic performer that actually enjoys working with black guys.
lol @ people over analyzing shit and ranting about dodgers. The random dodger and rodent rant was definitely a clown comment.

All because some people said they didn't find her face attractive. Nobody even really insulted her.
IRBonanza Wrote:
jimmihooda1 Wrote:^... and that is part of why some may be more generous than others. Yes, women that perform IR visit this site.

I am not jumping on you djdj123.

IMO, A woman that does IR from the start of her career should get some praise. So many people are often against these girls; family, agents, producers, boyfriends, fans, husbands etc. can't someone be nice?

Why do so many feel compelled to 'get real' about something that will only hurt somebody else's feelings. Laying down 'facts' about looks is fucking stupid. Looks are all based on perception of the beholder, one cannot place a 'fact' upon something that is not an actual equation.

How many discussion threads does anyone think actually are dedicated to Tiffany Watson? I would say probably 2, one here, the other ADT that is likely it. This site is full of black males and IR fans obviously. So what do half of the posters do? They come here to attack this girl and criticize other Black men & IR fans for liking her. Black dudes and IR fans being bigger assholes than the racist on twitter. If you don't like her, why come on her thread? To straighten her fans out? Did she hurt you?

I see ugly white women everyday, I am not blinded by whiteness. I have always lived in a predominately white area, they are not special. I have dated too many to place them on a pedestal for just being white. I feel she is attractive, because that is how I feel.

We should be promoting IR. Coming to an IR forum to bad mouth a girl that does IR, because you don't personally like her is the most counter productive action I can think of.

^^^ Excellent post, dude. I agree 100%.

Obviously dudes who criticize IR-friendly girls like Tiffany Watson are also devoted IR dodger worshipers who place those ugly looking haggard rodents on a pedestal and worship them like the supreme idiots they are. In their screwed-up minds, an IR friendly girl can never be good enough. They will always find some fault in her. I call it the 'Awall Doctrine'. Thank god that idiot doesn't post here anymore but he sure has left behind a lot of clones. :roll:

Thanks to the likes of, their glass house is fast shattering. They are a dying breed.

lol Now to be fair IRBonanza I remember a few months ago you were criticizing Riley Reid who is as IR friendly as they come. You were saying she had gone stale or something when you are entitled to say as it's your opinion but I had to point that out lol There wasn't much support there.
Malile Wrote:So people should be fans even if they find her unattractive? Porn is one of a few industry where people are judge almost entirely based on looks. If she cant take criticism on her appearance, then maybe shes in the wrong industry. While I do feel like the point about not being too critical of these girls was kinda valid, what the fuck is point of having a open forum if you dont hear both sides. I do feel like i said too much, but her taking black dick doesnt make her more attractive. If you like her great. I love that she didnt play the waiting game, if that makes you buy her movies, good for you.

See I still think words like unattractive or ugly are too strong a word to describe her. I think what you mean is that she's simply not your type or your not digging her which is fine. I could perhaps understand the logic if we were just talking about "looks" if words like that were used for chicks like Sara Jay and Luscious Lopez even though I would still disagree as I like to see chicks as a total package.
I dont see the need to sugar coat words. If you like this girl great. Ir friendly girls should get support, but this girl, in my opinion is unattractive. Unattractive is not a bad word. I could argue "not your type" is just as bad. I dont like sara jay but i did like luscious, and i think this girls face is less appealing then both of them. The point is to each his own. No need to get bent out of shape because someone didnt validate your opinion.
IRBonanza Wrote:
tres2010 Wrote:lol Now to be fair IRBonanza I remember a few months ago you were criticizing Riley Reid who is as IR friendly as they come. You were saying she had gone stale or something when you are entitled to say as it's your opinion but I had to point that out lol There wasn't much support there.
I only use the 'IR-friendly' tag for girls who do IR from the outset or within 6 months of being in the industry doing BG. That former rodent that you mention was already over 3 years overdue and stale by the time the vanilla crowd had enough and threw her at us. She can fuck as many black dick as she likes and you can call her 'IR-friendly' as much as you like, but I wont. I give credit where it's due and she doesn't deserve any.. Idea

Okay that's fair enough. I didn't even know it took her that long to do IR:O Speaking of chicks doing IR pretty much from the start...I'd love to see Gwen Stark doing more scenes. Love her natural looks.
Only bad thing about Tiffany is don't think she's a ride or die pornstar that wants to make a full time career living as a pornstar. She still lives in Idaho and hasn't fully set up residence in LA. She's still traveling back and forth, so might not be best to get your hopes up a about being in porn for a long time.

Until she permanently moves to LA, enjoy her scenes while she's active right now.
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Just wanted to post this pic in here such a sweet ass
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Praise yeezus!!

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