President Donald Trump
Man won basically off white people. Dems needed a nominee that the could be excited for. Hillary was NEVER going to be that. And the milk-toast, human granola Tim Kaine VP pick was a terrible choice. But everyone on MSNBC and CNN acted like it was the greatest choice of all time.

I just hope the Democratic Establishment learned something from all this: picking an establishment centrist will not fly. We need an ACTUAL progressive
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First of all DT is the president America deserves in every way. He represents the core values, identity and soul of the nation. Enjoy.

Secondly, I am looking forward to seeing his wife and his daughters sashaying around the white house for the next several years. They are all pretty fucking hot to be honest. I can see some porn being made with Barry O working *closely* with the transition team that includes Ivanka and the other one whatever her name is. Trump would probably enjoy that in real life. Standing in the corner with Putin cranking their little peckers whole Obama drops the hammer across the room. I have a sick mind.
vesuvius Wrote:
marvy Wrote:I'm mad at Elizabeth Warren.

Had she run, Bernie wouldn't have. She is youngish, articulate, and has real personality.

She is 67, 2 years younger than Hillary.

That's a good age for a president and if she is still going HAM in 2020 then she should get the "nod" that clinton got. If Trump is weak he will not win reelection. Even if he is mediocre, he's going to have to be GOOD to beat whoever the Ds toss up there in 2020.
Lots of protests starting up everywhere..
God help us all....and to think a lot of black people voted for Trump, too smh

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Wasn't going to post porn related news but Alexa Grace went off on Trump on her Twitter today. A lot of pornstars are afraid to go off on him and delete their posts due to not upsetting some of thier white racist fanbase.

Basically, they can't afford to piss off their racist fans.

Would post some the pornstars names but why bother since money rules them, not their conscience.
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Alexa Grace, earning her top 5 spot in my personal rankings.

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She's really naive or a fearless feline. I think she's a little of both.
Supporting/catering to racists/racism is no better than being a racist yourself, IMO.
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Mercedes Carrera is actively supporting Trump on Twitter. Yall didn't believe me when I said she was racist. Don't know how to convince yall anymore. She's going on a racist tirade at the moment on twitter. Look at her Twitter for yourself.
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