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(11-10-2018, 06:23 AM)Spops53190 Wrote: Are you not understanding the part where I keep repeating that it DOESN'T justify latinos 'stealing' jobs or committing genocide? Sure let government do it's job, but it needs to do so responsibly.  -This is starting to make me think you ARE trolling.

And how does one put a black person in a void and only apply racism? That's the problem with studies like these, how can you control what stresses someone? Sometimes the study itself stresses people. Now, you make reasonable 'controls' like picking people with good diets and who exercise, who aren't predisposed, etc, but there's other uncontrollable shit too.

 I never completely disregarded your study- even said that the claim is plausible, just not to the extent that YOU claim. I admit, I didn't dissect the entire study, but do the researchers themselves go so far as to say "whites are murdering black people" with stress from racism. Even if they did make the claim, did anyone in the study die from persistent racism IN A VOID? In order to make YOUR claim, you NEED to prove this (impossible), or at least get much better controls/ contained environments (not likely).
I'm trolling but you are trying to claim there is no such thing as controls?
So white people putting lead in black people's water in Flint is not enough proof for you?
See, there is no standard to prove racism, to someone who has been convinced it doesn't exist except in some evil hollywood movie-esque manner.  If you think most racist run around with a confederate flag shouting, kike, kike, kike like in the movies, then you just are grossly uninformed.

Is there a collective of white people doing this? YES. Is there intent to specifically spike black people's tap water. MAYBE (Probably). Even IF their intent was $$$ it still disproportionately affects blacks. Most white people don't REALLY bat an eye at it, the gov't did it, and the judicial system seems to see no problem. In this particular case, this is a solid conspiracy. The fact that Flint still is facing its crisis even more so gives it credence. But it's specific- there's a shit ton of lead in their water, lead has devastating effects on humans- especially those still developing. You don't even need controls because of how bad lead is, as opposed to stress.

So, it's not that I CAN'T believe it, it's that I'm the type that wants irrefutable evidence before I make claims. Because making shaky claims outside of a pro-black male IR forum will just make things worse.

Yeah, it's called ''plausible deniability'', or ''willful ignorance'' or ''benign neglect''.

The last of which was actually government policy like. 

You'd better believe it because there have been masses of data, statistics, and studies compiled that illustrate the problem. You can choose to ignore it, or not. Your denial will not change facts.

 I'm not ignoring or denying the evidence, just saying that to LOGICALLY  make certain claims, you need more proof. Flint isn't correlation, it's cause-effect. I believe it. Same with lead paint in projects that are predominantly black. Same with police brutality and the corrupt prison-industrial complex, the legislature that allows and incentivizes police strictly enforcing non-violent crimes disproportionately against black people. There's enough evidence. But to make the jump to the stress of racism KILLING by causing or heightening illnesses black people get more, you need a little more evidence. I even said that I believe it DOES contribute, but that the average black person has more going on- it's a big jump to make to say murder- IN THAT PARTICULAR CASE.

We're going to have to agree to disagree on a point. That point being how much evidence is needed to make certain claims. I think you need cause-effect, you and Ipay4 (and probably others) believe that correlation is enough. Even then, I'm willing to believe things when there are too many correlations, because I know white people will always try to code shit and cover it up. But the particular wording originally used didn't sit well with me so I spoke out.

Lastly, I'm not actually trying to attack anybody, just trying to engage with and change the tone a little. Believe it or not, allowing white people to do certain things- using certain lines of logic- to Central Americans will eventually give them the same right to deal with black people the same way. Ultimately, that's my true concern. Because it will EVENTUALLY affect me.

Even your own claims of racism could all be discounted under your theory, you've not presented any peer reviewed studies demonstrating you faced racism, you never showed how it wasn't just random correlation not causation in your own cases, while you discount entire fields full of studies claiming well you can't prove medical and environmental racism, it is just maybe correlated, when the studies clearly have controls dismissing your precise point, which is what you need to prove causation.  And I am not saying I don't believe you faced racism.

White people have already dealt with black people whatever way they wanted. We are much more likely to face a big racist backlash, when more and more illegals pour in and whites feel they are losing their country, than if we try to keep them out and go for our own gains.  Whites know they can't put us on the back of the bus, they are already giving us as much hell as they think they can get away with.
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