New site, new thread: 'Blackambush'
Anyone found the new Jasmine scene yet? Looks dope.
khal_drogo Wrote:
RB4896 Wrote:It's on spankbang now lads ... ied+by+bbc

I've watched countless IR porn videos/scenes, and that was the most uncomfortable and awkward scene i've ever seen. First off all she is obviously and totally not into black guys at all. I know the theme is to "ambush" the girls with a black co star but you can't act as good as she did. I mean beside the introduction she never said a single word to the black guy the whole scene. Even when he would talk to her she either ignored him or responded to the white director only. The was a part where the black guy was filming her get into position on the bed and he says "beautiful" to her and she looks away in almost disgust.

The director asks her multiple times how is it and her only reply is "big" or it hurts. Not once does she ever say anything positive about the sex or the guy at all. She mean mugs, looks disgusted, or fake laughs the whole scene. Never even shows an ounce of pleasure the entire time, she even flat out refuses the director's request to show some semblance of passion by using the it's too big excuse. Legit looked like she could not wait to get it over with and was only doing it cause she was desperate for the money. The fact that she immediately wants a shower the second the scene is over is more proof of that. And she refused to suck him more at the end and refuses to touch him at all in the end. Just so many little things in the video that make it obvious she does not like black men at all.

So yeah while she is pretty sexy I don't think she ever does another IR scene, if you can even call that a scene. And i can almost guarantee that when her vanilla scenes come out you'll see a complete 180 and witness the huge difference in her performance. The size won't mean anything if the guy is white, watch you'll see.
I thought you were exaggerating, so I said "let me check this out...."

You were right. That was sooooo painful to watch. This girl literally said "I just want to go home" during the scene.

She was so disgusted she couldn't even fake it.
porn is like wrestling.everything is scripted beforehand.she knew exactly everyting that was going down before the scene took place while signing the model release.
this girl from casting couch hd under the name ashley
IM surprised dudes would even consider the possibility these scenes arent scripted. Why someone would want to watch a scene like this, I dont know but, yeah like wrestling.
Hold up...she really wasn't into the guy she was fucking on camera? What, the chick was there only for the money? lol

Welcome to porn.

She has a great lower body, built for backshots. She is there for the check, like everybody else in porn. Only with her, she gave no fucks about pretending. lol She held her ground,controlled the director, finished the scene, and got her money.

As someone mentioned, she was in a casting couch scene. She at least tried in that scene. A lot more compliant with the director in the casting couch scene. She seemed more comfortable in that scene, but stiff at times. Her performance was that of a girl who was on camera for the first time. Heck of a body!
I watched that scene and Good Lord you guys ain't lying. I'm definitely not gonna purchase a membership to that site if all the scenes are like that.

That director must really not like IR sex if he told the girls to act like that.

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The "oh, I didn't know I was fucking a blk guy and I'm disgusted" gimmick doesn't do anything for me.
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and quit being idiots, fellas. It's an act and the theme of the site.
Bsshg1 Wrote:and quit being idiots, fellas. It's an act and the theme of the site.

I wouldn't quite call them idiots. However the girl is definitely 100% acting. Shooting an IR and a cream pie (ok a fake cream pie) without paying extra? Ain't no girl in porn allowing that shit to happen. These chicks are counting every nickel and dime as they fuck.

Believe that.

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