New site, new thread: 'Blackambush'
^I should've used naive. Idiot is harsh.

Apparently she did a good job in her acting, though. :lol:
I'm confused by these reactions. Her performance is pretty bad. Someone applauds her for holding her ground and getting her money. Ehh... isn't a porn performers' job not just to lay there like a dead fish but to actually, ya know, perform?

I didn't think the scene was terrible. There's way worse that gets shared every day on here. Nothing stood out as great, but I did like the split screen multi-cam view. I wish the bigger brands like Jules Jordan or Blacked would do try this.

But back to her lackluster performance. Yeah she got her money, but do you think other directors are going to want to hire someone who is that boring? I'm not even asking for over the top ridiculous faking or anything like that. But damn, at least make it seem like a good time right?

If she wants to ever get more work in that biz, she did nothing to help herself with this scene. I sure as fuck wouldn't cast her after seeing that. Would you? Why?

The only way you could consider her "winning" is if all she ever intended was to do 1 scene for some quick cash and never work in porn again. In that case, she did win. She got what she wanted out of it.

I finally got around to watching this given all the comments it's getting now. While I can appreciate that the set-up is clearly scripted, she did look very uncomfortable throughout and didn't seem to be enjoying herself at all. Which leaves two possibilities: either A) this was genuine discomfort during an unpleasant shoot, or B) it was a deliberate act which is all part of the fetish they're going for on this site. I don't find it particularly appealing in either scenario. I mean, the idea of surprising a girl with black cock and her then realizing she actually really likes it has obvious appeal. This, however, had some borderline rape vibes going on and that just doesn't do it for me.
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The point of the site I believe is that the girl is surprised and unhappy and is "forced" to take a black dick or lose her money.

Her reticence and unwillingness are very likely part of the act. I don't think it has anything to do with her enthusiasm for being in porn. And if it is the theme, then so what? Not every scene is meant for every person. Some people don't mind a little unwillingness. Shit my mistress has me faux- rape/force her at least twice a month. She likes getting taken by force, getting thrown on the bed all that shit. Some people get off on an absence of consent in some form or another. Not for you, then just skip it. It's a sad reality, but the world doesn't revolve around any one of us and there's a lot of stuff that won't interest you or I, but will grab someone else.

Here's a crazy idea, why don't we all wait to see a few more scenes to decide if this is the theme of the site and how the girls react and this way we can tell if she's a one off who didn't like the idea or an actress just doing her job well.

I know, it's crazy- asking for patience on the internet, but let's see if some logic can prevail.
if that is really the point of the site this shit will die fast af.....having the chick be uncomfortable and complaining the whole scene doesnt make for a good one. The chick was pretty good looking too but man was that a trash scene. Even the way it was shot was just bad. Felt awkward just watching it
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The world of what people will watch is far bigger than you or I or any IR fan on this board. Trannies are still doing well, faux-incest, gang bangs, cuckold; both humiliation and bisexual are all still thriving. A girl forced to do IR for money doesn't seem so extreme in that company...
We need more stream links.
This is the same girl in the CCHD scene under Ashley, and likely her only scenes anywhere, both being IR. That should solve the mystery over whether she was acting. I wouldn't be surprised if it is the same male.

I didn't watch the scene, but I have no interest in seeing scenes where girls act disgusted to have to be fucking a black dude. Having her reluctantly start, then get into it I could get into.

Doesn't sound like this one is going to be the one, but a quality IR amateur site would really fill a void, though most of the successful amateur sites like girlsdoporn ultimately have success recruiting by lying to the girls and offering them enough money to be gullible.
There was a premium site about 10 years ago that included white chicks with total eye masks. The
woman agreed to be filmed having sex. A well endowed black guy appears and they have a good session finishing with a facial. She is told to remove her mask and becomes visibly upset that it was a black man. Director and actor start laughing. Wish I could remember the site's name. A variation of blackambushed.
^i believe it was on if you google blindfolded tricked interracial you can find a couple of scenes. One with Ashley Gracie and another with Brittany James.

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