Chargers to LA, other clubs going balls deep on the new logo
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Jeesh, they could have at least made the letters yellow or something
LOL they did ... wsrc%5Etfw
It's a got dayum tire fire. They're gonna play in a 30,000 seat soccer field down in Carson. That's half the size of Qualcom. Shouldn't be surprised though, these are the same idiot Spanos family that fired a 14-2 head coach to hire a guy with a losing record. Who then promptly ran that 14-2 squad into the NFL basement.

Shit show...
White Girl Connoisseur

Eh the size of the stadium doesn't seem like an issue to me

1. Qualcom hasn't been filling seats in ages

2. It's LA, good luck actually getting people through traffic to watch 1 of 2 football teams in an already entertainment-stacked town.

But I agree that dropping Schottenheimer was a horrid idea.

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