Best interracial blogs?
(04-07-2019, 02:04 PM)shortpencil Wrote: lets bump this thread.. looks interesting but doesn't look like the blog is up and running yet
I think social media pretty much replaced these IR blogs. The IR blogs that I occasionally stumble onto just seem to promote the latest IR scene releases. For example this blog:
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(04-19-2019, 11:18 PM)WhootyFiend Wrote: There is this mad man on Youtube called MadBusDriver. Hilarious. All he does is make the same video over and over talking about interracial couples and rehashing the same ideas of black men nabbing white dimes and not "scraggle daggles" like the stereotype suggests.

LOL. It may be the best IR vlog except its extremely repetitive
(04-20-2019, 12:41 AM)Shotgun Styles Wrote: Gawd damn! I gotta know what his Black ex did to him to sent him off the crazy cliff. 

Knocked up by best friend? Shoot his dog? Burn down his house? WTF could do this to a man...?
LOL, I subscribe to MBDX too. But I stopped watching his videos a long-ass time ago because as you said he's repetitive AF (You can say that about a lot of YouTubers in the black sector of YouTube) & he's comes off as too much of a weirdo to ever share his videos.

A couple black YouTubers I subscribe to (Solotv84 & Xanatos Clutch) do a bi-weekly show called "Snowbunny Sundays" (or "SB Sundays" for short), I heavily recommend that WhootyFiend.

Here's the first few episodes they did last summer:


It used to have updates but it's still there.
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(05-14-2019, 08:17 PM)lbrown047 Wrote:

It used to have updates but it's still there.

BBC Whore List was pretty useful for someone like me who is into am/pro-am stuff... but I guess there are only so many noteworthy women out there to focus on. Shame that it essentially stopped (to my knowledge) as I did find some interesting stuff there.
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