Lily Rader
This chick looks like the prototypical girl next door. Platinum blonde, light blue eyes, the whole package, Lex Luger. Petite, all-natural, no tattoos, no piercings. Fair skin, only 20 as well. Born and raised in Akron, Ohio just like The Chosen One himself, LeBron James.  :lol: (Trivia: Stephen Curry was also born in Akron, Ohio).
At 5'6" 114 lbs and 32B-24-34 I actually think her body type (not look) most closely resembles Marley Brinx, who I just made a thread on! Marley, from what I can remember, was 5'5" 103 lbs and 32B-23-34, so very close. Lily's basically slightly larger. Her actual 'look' is more similar to someone like Elsa Jean or Chloe Couture, though (EDIT: I just looked up Chloe and she has the same H2W ratio of 24-34 with smalish tits as well and just slightly taller at 5'7").

Her first scene with Joss was pretty good. Had a caught stealing/punishment scenario (kind of similar to the Lyra Law scene which was one of the best as well, IMO, except replace breaking and entering with theft). Definitely not a common theme on BLACKED and more of a rare occurrence.

She followed up that scene with the Prince and Moe BBG one, which was insufferable. I don't really fuck with BBG in the first place, but this was one of the worst. Prince was absolutely intolerable in this one, talking and grunting non-stop and loudly. Lily is very quiet and soft-spoken, so it wasn't a good combination.

Hopefully she either shoots more BLACKED scenes in the not too distant future or starts branching out working with black male talent for other companies soon.

Update: Apparently she is now a two-and-done with BLACKED (or possibly more in the future? One can only hope...) and shot for TLBC (and possibly BIB I believe?). Her TLBC was pretty good, IMO. Up there with her first BLACKED scene. She similarly is caught breaking the law again and is dominated in similar fashion (I believe Lansky said it was her idea or something for her BLACKED scenes to be of that ilk, so maybe it's a fetish of hers). Looking forward to future IR scenes with her as she's def a favorite of mine now. 

Our girl has been busy since last we've seen. She did indeed shoot for BIB as well as HusieAuditions, BLACKED again, BlacksOnBlondes, JulesJordan, GloryHole, CuckoldSessions and HardX. Unsurprisingly, the Jules scene was shot way back in early January, so it's been collecting dust for nearly 6 months now. Hopefully that will come out before 2019, but I can't say I have my hopes up as Kimber Woods' scene was shot in July of last year and still hasn't been released yet. Yikes.

Either way, her HardX scene looks VERY good, so looking forward to that one. Utterly baffling Dogfart decided to make her BlacksOnBlondes scene a 3 on 1 instead of just making it a 1 on 1 with her and Fred. Of course, like clockwork, the man soft the entire scene and couldn't get it going surrounded by other dudes which is clearly not his bag. Outside of that, hope to see her appear on BLACKEDRAW at some point since she hasn't yet and they seem to be going down the list at the moment. 

Interestingly, Quasar and those other tertiary productions haven't given her any burn in some of those 3rdDegree, ZeroTolerance, Diabolic, NewSensations, LethalHardcore, DevilsFilm, etc IR productions. Just realized, DarkX as well, but I suspect since she's made a HardX appearance, it's only a matter of time now. 

Oh, and HushHush, but fuck them after they canceled her shoot with them because she dyed the tips of her hair. You fucking kidding me, bro? The tips of her hair? We got chicks with fake tits, tattoos all over and they won't shoot her because the TIPS of her hair were dyed? Fuck outta here. Most of those chicks who have that all-natural look they were claiming was a deal-breaker because of dyed hair tips have tattoos all over the place which is far worse than the TIPS of her hair being dyed. Glad Dredd left those losers in the dust and she ended up shooting with him for Jules anyways. That has to hurt something fierce. Rant over.

BLACKED: Lily Rader & Joss Lescaf - Blonde Teen Punished and Dominated by Black Man (5/25/16)
[Image: 197hberj7sq66z1c.jpg]

BLACKED: Lily Rader, Moe Johnson & Prince Yahshua - Young Girl Tries Threesome with Two BBC (9/17/16)
[Image: 6cc100pdnobhxtkn.jpg]

TeensLoveBlackCocks: Lily Rader & Jax Slayher - Lawbreakers Love Large Cocks (7/1/17)
[Image: e83q5a8jvnygnhnj.jpg]

BlackIsBetter: Lily Rader & Isiah Maxwell - Back to Black (8/1/17)
[Image: gsES9n1LP.jpg]

HussieAuditions: Lily Rader & Jax Slayher (8/11/17)
[Image: hior23qvzxtm5s9w.jpg]

BLACKED: Lily Rader, Joseline Kelly & Flash Brown - Me & My Best Friend (8/13/17)
[Image: l9vh32axl9srso4t.jpg]

BlacksOnBlondes: Lily Rader, Jax Slayher, Mandingo & Rico Strong (10/17/17)
[Image: r14x8hduotwuc3zp.jpg]

GloryHole: Lily Rader (1/15/18)
[Image: ukn35p387jt0lb3j.jpg]

CuckoldSessions: Lily Rader, Chris Cock, Derek Davis, Eddie Jaye, Rob Piper, Sean Michaels & Slim Poke (2/18/18)
[Image: jrapqybhsgktyzbm.jpg]

HardX: Lily Rader & Mandingo - Lily Rader Meets Mandingo (7/3/18)
[Image: hvmwj60gg5qv20uo.jpg]
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I really enjoyed her scene with Joss and I can't stand the BBG scene. Hopefully we'll see some more IR from her but I won't hold my breath.

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XD XD XD         
Both of her blacked scenes were hot, imo.

I cracked up at Moe just casually reading in the background during her second scene though.
Lily is in my top 5. I really want her to do more IR, but as mentioned I'm not holding my breath. She may be solely a Blacked girl, never branching out to other studios. Sad
^ Hard to put her in my top 5 with only two scenes, but she definitely has the look of one of my top 5 girls (Alexa, Elsa, etc), so we shall see. I am hopeful...

^^ Jovan hasn't been in a BLACKED scene in a long time. I don't see Flash working on there anymore either for some reason (him and them other cats starting a company possibly?!). Mandingo is in their stable now, so that's a possibility...
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Updated the original post. Good to see her branching out after the contract ended. Her TLBC scene was absolute fire. Forgot how sexy she was.

It's a shame Hush Hush cancelled the shoot with her because she dyed the tips of her hair black. I mean, I prefer her hair the way it was before, just all platinum goodness, so I see where they are coming from. At the same time, cancelling a shoot because a girl dyed the tips of her hair a different color is beyond anal (no pun intended) and something I've never heard of.

Funny thing is, Hush Hush isn't even one of those companies that is really conscious about 'look' per se. I mean, they've had girls with dyed hair, half shaven heads, tatted up, etc and don't seem to go after any one type, so it's quite bizarre. When you shoot Harlow Harrison, Katrina Jade, Pressley Carter, etc you kind of lose the ability to use that excuse.

Not only that, but the argument that other companies shot her 'popular' look doesn't really hold much water. One other company shot her with that look for IR because she was under contract and another one or two of your competitors that is considered somewhat inspired by that site shot her with her new look. If DarkX also shoots her with the look, there's not really a whole lot that can be said in defense of such actions, honestly.

I'd also like to point out that Pressley Carter also had that same wholesome girl next door look going beforehand that a lot of competitor IR companies shot her with as well as the fact that they had Dakota Skye booked and although she didn't do IR before she changed her look, she still changed her look and they were willing to shoot her after the fact (unless they are living under a rock and didn't realize she looked different now, which is possible...).

Lastly, I'm actually reaching a bit here and giving them more credit than they deserve since she literally just dyed the tips of her hair, not get a bunch of tattoos, face tats, sleeves, shave her head, etc. So it's even more petty than any of those cases would be (and they still shot them/were willing to shoot them).

Almost makes me think something else stopped the shoot from going down, not the tips of her hair being dyed. Just seems completely ridiculous and I can't make any sense of it at all (then again, some of Hush Hush's reasoning is nonsensical in that of itself like them saying they wouldn't shoot A.J. Applegate or Maddy O'Reilly because they shot with Dredd already, then booking Alexa Grace with Mandingo when they shot already on Dogfart).

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Lily is fucking amazing. love this chick
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Yeah, that TLBC scene is solid.

Lily also has a Babes/BIB upcoming with Isiah.
Bsshg1 Wrote:Yeah, that TLBC scene is solid.

Lily also has a Babes/BIB upcoming with Isiah.

Ahh, I thought I remembered reading that somewhere. Thanks for the info. Will definitely be watching that when it drops.
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I'm thrilled she's doing IR now the contract is over. Her and Bailey Brooke have been on my calendar waiting for them to become available off contract. That Blacked contract can really be a pain in the ass long-term. I wished they formed some kind of deal with other studios to share talent while they're under contract. There's only so many scenes a girl will shoot with one studio.

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