Lily Rader
Looks like Lily may have been on Dogfart set today, if you go on Billy Watson's twitter.
Hope it is more than just Glory Hole. I think Dogfart could spin-off a new site with Lily Rader ala Spring Thomas. Money to be made.
I don't know if they're separate scenes or what Dogfart sites they'll be on, but Lily shot with Rico Strong, Mandingo, and Jax Slayher.
According to dogfart it was a 3 on 1 scene
^ Damn! Lily is really about that life! :lol:

Really glad that she's branching out in regards to IR. I'm a big fan of her work.
IRBonanza Wrote:
blkknight1 Wrote:According to dogfart it was a 3 on 1 scene

Anyway, you just gotta love this lilly white porcelain princess' love of BBC... Big Grin

Yessir! Loving this new era of sexy ass white girls with no trepidation about working with bruthas.
A 3 on 1? Well damn.

She has dove in head first. Props to her. :lol:
No one was expecting before that she finally have been on Dogfart.. It was surprising not only because her first debut but also she did with 3 BBC (her 1st time in real too) including Mandingo. Her pussy was damn good we can see Mandingo fuck her so hard Smile
Has a scene with Mandingo coming out in a few days and also a scene with Dredd in the can for Jules. Wouldn't be surprised if Lansky shoots/shot her with Julio as well.
[Image: 7p10mnlqnzhmwpza.gif]
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Lily is one of the most pleasant surprises in porn for me, so sweet and innocent looking I thought for sure she would not do too much beyond Blacked or very tame IR scenes but she has more than proven me wrong her from her initial scene with Joss through all the scenes she has done taking on all comers.
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