Haley Reed
djdj123 Wrote:Implants? Surgery?

She better not.
Yeah, for her body type, I don't think implants would be a good look. If she was thicker than I might not mind as much if she got implants. Proportionally it would look better.
Banana Wrote:Saw a picture of here once standing with a few other pornstars and she towered over most of them. Looked well over 6ft with heels on.

She is closer to 5' 10"
Haley has surprised me she looks so sweet and innocent then put her in camera she is kinda a freak. She looked gorgeous in her FTV shoot in that little black dress. My only thing with her is why did she get tats right above her knees. She has long legs and she is white and the tats are so colorful they draw your eyes lots of the time.
^ Yeah, not a fan of tats in general and prefer no tats at all, but definitely the placement and specific tats were a bad decision. I'm just hoping tattoo removal technology will continue to increase and decrease in cost. It seems the popularity of tattoos, though, is ever growing, unfortunately.
[Image: 7p10mnlqnzhmwpza.gif]
BLACKED: Haley Reed & Jason Luv - All I Want Is BBC (7/24/18)
[Image: 70oo6odngxtf6lhv.jpg]
[Image: 7p10mnlqnzhmwpza.gif]
Haley looks very pretty with the dick in her ass. She needs to get more work
^ She has 13 scenes so far for BLACKED+RAW, HushHush, DarkX, BlackIsBetter, TLBC, MrStrokes, ElegantAngel, Dogfart, MoC... but yeah, wouldn't mind seeing more scenes from her as well. Surprised she hasn't appeared in any Quasar joints or LethalHardcore, which just reminded me, she shot for NewSensations as well:


Would also like to see her appear on BrothaLovers, BlackCocksMatter, WestCoastProductions, ArchAngel, Jules, etc as well as return to BLACKED (RAW), DarkX, TLBC, BIB, MoC, HushHush, Dogfart, etc.
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Hopefully, HardX (Mason) or Bangbros MOC pairs her with Mandingo.
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^so crazy that it hasnt happened yet. They'd have one of the best scenes imo just because of how much of a size queen haley is
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