Shaquille O'Neal the genius
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Anything to be relevant, I guess :roll:
Alexa Grace/Abella Danger/Ella Hughes/Karlee Grey/Elsa Jean/Ariana Marie

XD"Mah Boi, this ass right here is what all true Negros strive for!"XD
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There's no sound in that video...

But anyways, so does Kyrie Irving. NBA players aren't drafted for their intelligence.
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blacksquatchman Wrote:Anything to be relevant, I guess :roll:
Think Shaq will be relevant regardless how stupid he is. Like Charles, he's on the premier NBA show.
^ But unlike Charles, he's expendable. Charles, regardless of not being great at analytics, is the backbone of that show. Shaq, if anything, ruined the dynamic and would be better off somewhere else. Dude's only response whenever anyone questions his position is rangz. Fact of the matter is, he could easily be 1/4 ('01) and was swept 5 times in the play offs. He had the good fortune of playing with another top 15 player of all time (like Magic and Kareem) as well as arguably the GOAT coach at the helm.
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I hope he's being tongue in cheek.

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