American Gods: new Starz series...
Shotgun Styles Wrote:
vesuvius Wrote:Can you say "The Wire is boring" and keep your black card? I sat through season 1 and was bored to tears.

*Tosses black card indifferently*

This is blasphemy, and now we have to fight in the parking lot. :twisted:

But seriously, if you're not into cop shows or crime movies, I imagine The Wire is boring as hell. .
Im not, to give you another example, I fell asleep three times while watching the godfather.

Also, till this day I still don't get why people idolize Scarface. The guy abuses his wife, beats his sister, kills his friend, gets addicted to drugs and decides it's a great idea to go to war with Sosa.

Shotgun Styles Wrote:Did you ever see "Generation Kill?" Probably the most underrated miniseries of all time. Like "The Hurt Locker", it is very true to actual military life.
Alright, i'll give it a shot.
"...and heart disease."
-Slave Ship Pimp

Nigga, I was dyin' when he said that shit.
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Already renewed for a second season. ... f34d00001c
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iramaj Wrote:Already renewed for a second season. ... f34d00001c
Me gusta!

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