Smash Or Pass: Alexandra Daddario
Best Breasts in the game.
Um, I like her face. So even before I get to those tittays, I'm already smashing...
Smash and no pullout.

There are really people out there calling this chick a butterface? Confusedhock:
how the hell is she a butterface??
[Image: GF9tELh.gif]
Smash and smash hard.
Glenn Winter Wrote:how the hell is she a butterface??

Just a personal peeve with me. Plain old me compared to million dollar her. What does she care what I think.

Just think she is one of those women that looks better in movement, than in a still photography.

I'm weird. Forgive me
Smash. I don't think her face is buttery, but to each his own.
[Image: 7p10mnlqnzhmwpza.gif]
Alexandra Daddario is beyond smash, she's no pull out for sure. I was absolutely smitten when I saw her in that one It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia episode where she has a crush on Charlie.

Absolutely mesmerizing...

[Image: e6bb5dc1175bd335930bb4ecdb6a1408.jpg]
anyone saying no has never gotten laid before
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ryan123 Wrote:anyone saying no has never gotten laid before

I would smash, but I can understand why someone would pass. She doesn't have much hips or ass, and her face is average despite her bright blue eyes. If you prefer ass to tits, then a PASS makes sense.

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